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CounterPath Supports Remote Work Initiatives During Public Health Emergency

By Team CounterPath

While the world closely monitors and adapts to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, we at CounterPath are doing what we can to ensure business continuity for our employees and customers. This is why we decided to extend our collaboration service for Virtual Meeting Rooms to Bria Teams, Bria Solo and Bria Solo Free users for 60-days in order to support work-from-home strategies that so many organizations are scrambling to adopt. We have also added more than 80 global dial-in phone numbers for our Virtual Meeting Rooms to support participants who do not have Bria, or access to a web browser, ensuring multiple connectivity options.

Extending collaboration capabilities to our Solo and Teams users

Virtual Meeting Rooms for Bria Teams and Bria Solo users are available as of Wednesday, March 3. In order to activate Virtual Meeting Room capabilities, all users need to do is log out and then back in to their applications and an icon for collaboration will appear in their user interface. To start a Virtual Meeting Room session, click the icon and select "Start a Conference Now". Users can then add participants or invite participants via email from within the meeting room window. 

Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 10.23.31 PM

The Virtual Meeting Room capabilities in both Bria Teams and Bria Solo offer:

  • Unlimited Bria-to-Bria HD audio and video calls, with hosting capabilities for up to 200 participants
  • Integrated screen sharing with participants
  • Integrated instant messaging for Bria Teams users within the Virtual Meeting Room
  • Access for web-based participants to join from any device with a web browser
  • Access for dial-in participants, with localized phone numbers for 75 locations in 46 countries

Tips on managing a remote workforce

While globally, 52% of workers work remotely at least one day per week, some businesses have never employed a work-from-home strategy. The COVID-19 health crisis has forced many organizations to adopt this nearly overnight, and managing a workplace can be challenging without face-to-face communications. With CounterPath Virtual Meeting Room solutions, workforces can adapt while utilizing:

  • One-to-one video meetings utilizing HD, full screen video
  • Team meetings with grid views so users can see everyone like they're in the same room
  • Townhall style meetings with video focused on the presenter
  • Screen sharing of documents and integrated chat panel for real-time collaboration


Providing users with a variety of options to connect and communicate in the way they are most comfortable assists in the adoption of new workflows and processes. With any luck, working from home will be a temporary measure, but if it persists, scheduling weekly or bi-weekly check-ins with staff via video call can help make everyone feel more connected.

Looking for a remote work solution? We can help

If you are not a current Bria user, CounterPath offers free trials of Bria Solo and Bria Teams  on our website. Both trials include Virtual Meeting Rooms, and the solutions can also be integrated with your call server/PBX or VoIP service to make calls outside of Bria.

Or if you are a large business or service provider looking for a more robust solution, check our our Bria Enterprise or White Label offerings. Our team can help you develop an ideal solution for your workforce, or customers that supports HD voice and video conferencing, messaging, screen sharing, and more.

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Team CounterPath

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