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Who's the King of the Codecs?

By Susie Monyo

When it comes to video codecs, there’s been a longstanding debate about which ones are superior and which ones leave something to be desired. For quite some time, H.264 video codecs have reigned supreme. H.265 was then released with higher resolution video in mind not long after. In recent years Google has stepped onto the scene with VP8 and VP9 video coding formats.

Differences between the two formats:

H.264/H.265 VP8/VP9
·      Favoured by MPEG community ·      Favoured by YouTube and Android
·      Better motion vector encoding ·      Slightly better image quality
·      Hardware support on mobile devices ·      Better decoding
·      Lowers bandwidth and file size ·      Lowers bandwidth and file size

CounterPath's Bria softphones currently support both H.264 and VP8 video codecs.

It’s tough to proclaim a clear winner, as in the end, it all comes down to what you plan to do with each codec. We foresee both codecs co-existing for years to come. In the meantime, when choosing which codec is right for you, take the time to consider what you’ll be using it for.

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Susie Monyo

About Susie Monyo

Susie is currently the Social Media Specialist at CounterPath. She is an engaging storyteller who is passionate about working with innovative technologies. As a compelling content creator, she is always eager to learn and share information about the latest solutions. Susie manages all of CounterPath's social channels and always finds new ways to fuse pop culture and the world of technology.

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