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8 Ways UC Enhances Company Culture

By Team CounterPath

Unified Communications (UC) has become an integral part of today's workforce. Due in part, to the need to work remotely, many organizations have adopted UC solutions for recruitment, team communications, town halls and to enhance corporate culture. This digital transformation has provided many benefits. In this blog, we're outlining the ways in which UC facilitates employee relations and enhances organizational culture. 

1. UC solutions help employees build trust

Trust is key in building a cohesive team, and one of the essential elements of trust is good communication. If you’re in the same room with someone, you can make eye contact, nod when they are speaking, and give off visual cues to show them you’re paying attention. When your team is scattered, working from home or from separate offices, how do you indicate you’re listening?


Through presence management you can show you’re available and ready to connect. You can use video meetings to connect and show key verbal and visual cues that indicate you’re listening. With Bria Teams, team collaboration is made easy. Through messaging and chat rooms, you can respond quickly to show you’re connected, and build your sense of camaraderie.

Investing in a UC solution brings a set of powerful communication tools to your team, drastically improving your overall collaboration.

2. UC solutions let others know your availability

Use presence to show when you’re available to connect, and if you’re stepping into a meeting or putting your head down to get to work, make sure you update your status. Your team will learn to adjust their messaging habits when they know you’re busy. They might leave a voicemail or email when you’re away, rather than waiting for a response to an instant message.


3. UC features such as video meetings allow non-verbal communication

Video meetings allow you to communicate non-verbally, using cues like eye contact and gestures to show you are paying attention. Even with text, you can indicate you’re listening by what you type. If someone sends a message or asks a question and you are busy, or need some time to think through a response, you can send a quick note saying you’ll respond shortly. This lets that person know you heard them, and will respond eventually. It’s a great way to show you’re listening.


4. UC facilitates clarity and helps avoid common miscommunications

Throughout the recruitment and onboarding process, candidates and new employees are bombarded with an onslaught of information. It's not uncommon for certain details to get lost in the shuffle. With a UC solution like Bria, HR and training employees can use video, screensharing, messaging features and more to walk individuals through the hiring process clearly and concisely. Since messages are synched between devices, they will always be available for individuals to access in the future. It also allows individuals to ask questions in real time if anything is unclear.

For new hires, asking questions is a great way to build a good rapport.


5. UC solutions build social connections

With so many ways to connect through UC, reaching out to remote teams each day can be a great way to build social connections. Keep your interactions focused, and try not to continuously interrupt people throughout the day. Try to maintain a few regular check-ins at work, as you would do over coffee. This keeps you connected and builds relationships, that way when you hit an obstacle, it becomes easier to connect with a team member and talk through any issues.


6. Using a UC tool can help boost your confidence

Many people are nervous about public speaking. Getting up in front of a crowd and talking is not a favourite. Video chat gives people a chance to practice presenting to smaller groups, which helps build confidence that will spill over when presenting to larger groups.


7. UC solutions help employees foster empathy for one another

It is difficult to express emotion and nuance using email. Using voice, video and instant messaging where you can have a back and forth conversation allows you to connect with your team and build understanding together. Assume the best of your team, and ask questions as this is a great way to build trust with your team. If you’re connecting with someone who is remote, ask them a little bit about where they are as a call is starting. Knowing someone is home with kids, in a noisy coffee shop, or on a serene beach will help shape how you communicate. You may need to repeat yourself often if someone is in a noisy place, or keep your presentation interesting to hold their attention away from the crashing waves.

8. UC solutions help team members prioritize mutual respect

One of the keys to building trust and great communication is adapting your message to the audience you’re speaking to. If you need to connect with someone on your team, UC solutions allow you to check in quickly via instant messaging, find the best way to connect, and strike up a conversation in the best format for the both of you. Having several options for communication integrated into one app allows you to see if someone is available, before reaching out in the most ideal format, thereby fostering mutual respect. 


Communication is complex, and it’s hard work to do it well. Keeping these principles in mind as you reach out to your team will help improve how you communicate. UC solutions provide choice and flexibility in how you connect and allow you to adapt to the team you’re working with. With a diverse, distributed team, having multiple modes of communication such as audio, video and instant messaging all in the same platform is incredibly useful. Modern employees expect modern tools, and providing those in a coordinated, cost effective way can be challenging. 



If you’re facing these challenges or tasked with implementing a digital strategy that requires better communication tools, be sure to check out our enterprise UC solutions. For more detailed information on the best option for you and your team:


Team CounterPath

About Team CounterPath

CounterPath Corporation is a leading provider of innovative desktop and mobile VoIP software products and solutions. The company's product suite includes SIP-based softphones, server based user experience management and UC solutions that enable service providers, enterprises and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to cost-effectively integrate voice, video, presence, Instant Messaging (IM) and collaboration applications into their VoIP offerings and extend functionality across both fixed and mobile networks.