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6 UCaaS Trends for 2021

By Team CounterPath

2021 is upon us! A lot happened in the industry in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic drove many workers to transition to working from home. To keep businesses going, many had to adopt reliable UC solutions. When looking specifically at the Unified Communications as a Service market, here are some trends we see dominating in 2021:


1. Increase in the need to extend phone services outside the office

With the uptick in remote working, enterprises and small businesses find themselves needing to extend voice services outside of the walls of the office. A UC solution like Bria Teams is a powerful communication and collaboration tool that provides a unified communications platform for your team across desktop and mobile devices. The powerful tools in Bria softphones make it easy to connect with team members using a variety of features in a contact-centric interface.


2. Augmentation of voice services with collaboration offerings such as messaging, presence and video conferencing

Outside of voice services, a collaboration tool like Bria Teams allows provides an internet video conferencing software option that is suited for teams that require regular touch points or meetings throughout the week, Bria Teams is the best option. More companies are augmenting their current UC offerings with collaboration services to streamline communications. 

Bria Teams Large device group Rooms

3. More companies moving to the cloud or transitioning to solutions that work in both hosted and cloud environments

Cloud solutions are here to stay. While many have already switched to cloud deployments, a good number of businesses are weighing their options and deciding whether to keep their hosted UC  set up or transition to a hybrid environment. The decision is complex and depends on a number of factors, but in 2021 flexibility and interoperability are key.


4. Video meetings are a necessity for workforces

If 2020 was the year of anything, it was the year of the video meeting. Zoom proved that the demand for video calling and conferencing was a necessity for global workforces. Moreover, video calling became a way of life for everyone in their private lives. In 2021, there's no doubt that companies who have not embraced video meetings will experience difficulties. 


5. Frontline workers will push for UCC in their pockets (i.e. handheld devices)

While knowledge workers have adopted UC in spades, frontline workers have taken a bit longer to hop onto the UC train. Still, it now looks as though frontline workers are embracing the technology, with a focus on handheld and rugged devices



6. APIs and SDKs will drive integrations and allow teams to insert communications into changing workflows

In the UC space, interoperability is crucial as it allows vendors to deliver technological flexibilities that ensure cross-platform communications. With APIs and SDKs, new UC entrants can create a technology environment that is tailored to their customers needs.


2021 will have much to offer in the UCaaS space, and we're pleased to be in the business of connecting people. For more information on CounterPath UC solutions, and how you can augment VoIP services with collaboration offerings:


Team CounterPath

About Team CounterPath

CounterPath Corporation is a leading provider of innovative desktop and mobile VoIP software products and solutions. The company's product suite includes SIP-based softphones, server based user experience management and UC solutions that enable service providers, enterprises and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to cost-effectively integrate voice, video, presence, Instant Messaging (IM) and collaboration applications into their VoIP offerings and extend functionality across both fixed and mobile networks.