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Top 7 Headsets for Remote Work

By Team CounterPath

Today we’re discussing the top headsets for remote work in 2020. Video conferencing and virtual meetings have become the new norm this year. With the time on virtual meetings and collaboration becoming more frequent, many may find that a proper headset and remote setup is needed to stay productive. 

We’ve factored in functionality, comfort and device compatibility in our list, try checking out a few of these headsets online to see if it’s the right fit for your team.

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1. Poly (Plantronics) Blackwire 3300 - Wired Headset




Built with the style, audio quality, comfort and reliability that Plantronics is known for, their Blackwire 3300 Series delivers the best value in its category with its affordable price tag. Connect to any device quickly and easily with USB. It deploys quickly and easily—and it’s built for enterprise needs. This particular wired headset comes with a fully adjustable headband and 180-degree pivoting speakers. The Blackwire 3315/3325 models come with leatherette ear cushions, travel pouch and 3.5 mm connector for mobile or tablet. 


Price: $49.95

Compatibility: Windows or Mac OS

2. Poly (Plantronics) Blackwire 5200 - Wired Headset



For team members that may need to be on a headset for the majority of the day, this might be the best choice. Whether it’s answering questions, joining meetings, helping customers—the ergonomically designed Blackwire 5200 Series is deemed as one of the most comfortable on the market. Soft, conforming ear cushions provide passive noise canceling while a precisely tuned microphone masks nearby conversations. Manage your PC calls using USB or USB-C, or plug directly into your smartphone or tablet with the 3.5 mm connection.

Pricing: $99.95

Compatibility: PC via USB/USB-C, connects to mobile devices and tablets via 3.5mm and devices that support USB-C

3. EPOS (Sennheiser) Impact SC 260 USB - Wired Headset



This wired, robust, double-sided headset with USB connectivity is optimized for Unified Communications. For enterprises or call centres moving to UC, clear and reliable communication between team members and their listeners is key. This headset connects easily via Easy Disconnect and a bottom cable to high impedance/narrowband desk phones for optimized sound. This design comes with a name tag with user ID and numbered headband grooves to personalize fit, and a bendable/pivoting boom arm to ensure optimal microphone positioning. Furthermore, some variants are UC Optimized, Skype for Business Certified and Microsoft Team Certified.

Pricing: $152.00

Compatibility: PC/Softphone

4. EPOS (Sennheiser) Impact SC 630 - Wired Headset



The Sennheiser Impact SC 630 is crafted for outstandingly clear communication. It features an ultra noise-cancelling microphone for perfect speech in noisy home environments and Active Noise Cancellation for user comfort. The brushed aluminum and stainless-steel components, Vectran™ reinforced cables and strong, unibody headband provide the reliability and longevity for teams that might adopt virtual work as a new norm. You get a reliable, high-quality design with a headset crafted to perfection and easy call handling to boost your productivity.

Pricing: $250.00

Compatibility: PC/Softphone

5. Jabra Biz 2400 II - Wired Headset




The Jabra Biz 2400 II is an ultra lightweight corded professional headset for those who want outstanding sound and comfort in an extra durable design. Labeled as a premium performance contact center headset, it’s expected to deliver crystal clear conversations. It’s built 40% lighter than competing headsets, with super-soft leatherette headband, reinforced cord and a 360 degree rotating boom arm. 

Pricing: $249

Compatibility: Deskphone/Softphone/Mobile/Tablet

6. Jabra Engage 75 Stereo - Wireless Headset



For those looking for a professional wireless headset for remote work, the Jabra Engage 75 Stereo will not let you down. With its industry-leading wireless performance, advanced noise-cancelling microphone and enhanced speakers deliver crystal-clear calls even in noisy home offices. Up to 13 hours' talk time - and when you do need to charge, the fast charge feature powers the headset to 40% in just 30 mins. It can connect to up to five devices at once, whether it's your desk phone, softphone, analog phone, or bluetooth devices. Soft ear cushions and additional padding on the headband give all day comfort and secure fit, and there’s three different wearing options to suit every workstyle. 

Additionally, the Jabra Engage 75 Stereo takes security in wireless calls to the next level with patented pairing. 256-bit AES encryption. 128-bit authentification. DECT Security Level C.

Pricing: $441.00

Compatibility: Windows or Mac OS

7. Leitner OfficeHero Premium (LH250) - Corded Headset

With the OfficeHero headset, call control such as volume, as well as answering and ending calls can be done directly from the headset, regardless of the user's location or proximity to the computer. This flexibility is something today's remote workers are finding crucial to improving the overall experience of using a UC solution.



Through this partnership, Teams and Solo users can purchase this Leitner headset, while Leitner customers who purchase the headset can also sign up for a free 30-day Bria Teams or Bria Solo trial. 

There are many headsets out there with different functionalities, finding the right one for yourself or for your team may take some time. We hope one of our top picks will help you on your way to improving your team’s remote work productivity!

To learn more about which enterprise UC solution would work best for you, contact one of our sales reps today!


Team CounterPath

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