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Top 3 Internet Video Conferencing Software Options of 2021

By Team CounterPath

As we’re settling into the new norm of working from home, or just transitioning into remote teams, we’re beginning to form new ways to communicate. While some teammates prefer to email, some may prefer a quick call, as for larger meetings however, internet video conferencing is becoming the standard. 

Luckily, great tools are out there to make our lives easier, but with so many options, which internet video conferencing software is the best one for your team? To save you time from trying every new tool out on the market, we’ve distilled a list of the top 3 internet video conferencing software options for this year. These tools are mobile and desktop friendly and contain most of the video, calling, messaging and collaboration tools that are needed for a variety of meetings.


As usual, we’ll be breaking down core features, price points and links to product reviews. Try testing a few of these out and see if the features and functionality are the right fit for your team!


Internet Video Conferencing Software Option #1: Zoom

Zoom is one of the most popular options for internet video conferencing software out there. It’s no wonder it made our top 3 list. Zoom offers high-quality video and audio over its cloud servers. It’s versatile, affordable and supports up to 1000 interactive video participants and can offer up to 10,000 view-only users. It’s available on various devices and locations. Zoom connects easily across desktops, mobile devices and the video conferencing is stable and reliable during long video calls. Its user interface is easy to navigate and can be a great starting software for small to medium businesses.

Zoom has free and paid plans for their video conferencing. The free plan gives you the ability to host up to 100 participants, unlimited one-on-one meetings and host group meetings, but only up to 40 minutes. If you need more than that, the prices go up dramatically. Pro starts at $20 per month/host and enterprise goes up to $27 per month/host. 
Pricing: Free trial, premium; pro starts at $20 per month/host and enterprise goes up to $27 per month/host

Mobile app: iOS/Android

Internet Video Conferencing Software Option #2: Bria Teams Virtual Meeting Tool

Bria Teams is a powerful communication and collaboration tool that provides a unified communications platform for your team across desktop and mobile devices. The powerful tools in Bria softphones make it easy to connect with team members using a variety of features in a contact-centric interface. For an internet video conferencing software option that is suited for teams that require regular touch points or meetings throughout the week, Bria Teams is the best option.

All the core features for effective virtual conference meetings are included plus features that go beyond just video conferencing: messaging, presence, HD voice and video calling, PBX integration, as well as screen and file sharing. Team voice and video capability enables you to communicate instantly with team members without having to setup a call server or phone service. If you’re looking for a highly secure way to connect your team and digitally transform your communications, download Bria Teams and get your team talking within minutes!

Pricing: $9.95 per user/month on annual plan

Desktop app: Windows, Mac

Mobile app: iOS, Android


Internet Video Conferencing Software Option #3: Cisco Webex Meeting Center

Cisco’s WebEx Meeting Center is another reliable basic option for video conferencing that offers integrated audio, video, and content sharing. It is a cloud-based tool that focuses on team collaboration and provides a mature video chat and excellent messaging. Features include meetings, messaging, video and voice calls, whiteboard and document sharing. Cisco is a solid choice if you want to get hardware in your office to improve the quality of video chat. The desktop and mobile tools also have high quality apps and experience that users rate highly in reviews.

Pricing: Free plan, starter plan $17.95 per user/month
Desktop: Web-based

Mobile app: iOS/Android

With the wide variety of internet video conferencing software tools out there, knowing what your team needs and trying a few different options is important before implementing it across your organization. Many of the tools we’ve mentioned on our list have free trials or versions that can be leveraged before you commit to a premium plan. We hope one of these tools will help you on your way to improving team communication! 

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