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Top 10 VoIP Providers of 2021

By Team CounterPath

Get the best of business communications toolFuture-proofing your business communications is an important investment. With Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking, you can access UC services over an existing IP network, replacing traditional telephone lines. By setting up SIP trunking, you can deploy a simpler communications structure within your organization, ultimately helping you to streamline team communications and boost productivity.

Many of the top hosted PBX providers offer SIP trunking services. In case you’re looking to fulfill your company’s specific needs, take a look at this comparison chart below which can help you choose a suitable SIP Trunking provider. We have rated them on various factors pertaining to SIP solutions from features to reliability,  prices to customer service and more:

OnSIPOnSIP- easy setup and configuration

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OnSIP has an easy-to-use setup so it’s simple to add, remove or configure accounts.  the company is known for its excellent reliability. Their service is geographically distributed in New York and Los Angeles, so if one location goes down it will not impact your service. Their customer services team has a 98% satisfaction rating, so if you need support getting your services setup and as you use the service, OnSIP would be a great choice.

In addition, they have an unlimited calling plan for $18.95, so you don’t need to worry about restocking credits, or unexpected charges.  OnSIP provides service to many well-known brands, including Cloudera, Ars Technica, Mozilla, Tumblr, Disqus.


Standard Inbound calls $0.029 / minute

Standard Outbound calls $0.029 / minute

Inbound Toll-Free $0.039 / minute

Number porting $15 / number

Per minute plan $49.95 per month + $0.029 / minute

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If you need flexibility for your business and a full list of features, offers a great service with a wide range of options. The costs for this service change based on your geography - so if you’re in Canada, US or South America, it will impact your cost. The service works in a credit based system, so rather than a monthly fee, you start with a set of credits and when they are consumed, you need to replenish them to continue using the service. Customer reviews highlight the quality of the service and the information available on the site, while negative reviews flag challenges porting out of the service.


Call treatment
  • 3-way calling
  • Call Hunting
  • Call Forwarding
  • Caller ID Filtering
  • Callback
  • Calling queues
  • Call waiting
  • Do not disturb
  • Digital Receptionist (IVR)
  • DISA
  • Failover
  • Music on hold
  • Ring groups
  • Recordings
  • Speed dial
  • Time conditions
  • Unlimited SIP URI calling
  • Voicemail


Outgoing rates Canada
  • Canada $0.005/minute
  • Yukon, NWT & Nunavut $0.19 / minute
  • 310 Service $0.0125 / minute
Outgoing rates US
  • US proper $0.01 / minute
  • Hawaii $0.016 / minute
  • Alaska $0.031 / minute
Incoming rates
  • $0.85 / month, per DID number
  • Unlimited: $4.25 / month, per DID number
  • Toll free $1.25 / month, per DID number



Image credits:

The CallCentric services offer many different plans and feature a good quality of service matched with aggressive prices. Their service offers a free tier that features unlimited in-network calling to other CallCentric customers, so you can test drive it. It’s a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) service, so you need to have a softphone or compatible device. They have got mixed reviews on their website from customers. But if you’re someone who likes to explore and try things out yourself, this service offers a great service at an aggressively low price. However, if you want someone to walk you through all the steps and answer the phone whenever you call, this may not be the service for you.


  • IP Freedom: Free calling between Callcentric users.

  • Pay Per Minute (inbound): USA/CAN 1.5c/minute receive calls only. $1.95/month fee.

  • Personal Unlimited (inbound): USA/CAN unlimited incoming calls. $5.95/month fee.

  • International Unlimited (inbound): DIDs with unlimited incoming calls are available in over 48 different international countries. Pricing varies by location.

  • Pay Per Call (outbound): No monthly fee, just pay as you go. Low international rates , US/CAN (under 2c/minute).

  • North America 500 (outbound + E911): 500 minutes/month USA/CAN for $6.95/month.

  • North America 1000 (outbound + E911): 1000 minutes/month USA/CAN for $12.95/month.

  • North America Residential (outbound): Unlimited minutes/month USA/CAN for $19.95/month.

  • World Select Residential (outbound): Unlimited minutes/month 40 countries for $29.95/month.

sipgate (DE and UK)

SipGate - VoIP telephone services

Image credits:

If you’re in Germany or the United Kingdom, sipgate has a great VoIP service for home and business. There are 4 main options to choose from:  

  • sipgate basic (home)

  • sipgate team (business)

  • sipgate trunking (locating your PBX in their data centre)

  • (telephony API)

sipgate basic provides a straightforward residential home service with a free local phone number. You can even bring your current phone number with you. There are no base fees and no minimum contract with the basic service. Depending on where you call, there are few packages to suit your needs:

sipgate basic UK call package of £9.95:
  • Monthly contract

  • Calls to landlines and mobiles

  • Call package for UK phone calls

sipgate basic EU call package of £14.95:
  • Monthly contract

  • Calls to landlines and mobiles

  • Call Package for UK phone calls

  • Call Package for 28 EU countries

sipgate basic EU Plus:
  • Monthly contract

  • Calls to landlines and mobiles

  • Call Package for UK phone calls

  • Call Package for 28 EU countries

  • incl. 8 additional non-EU countries

sipgate team

sipgate team for VoIP Telephony Services

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sipgate team comes with more features that are useful for business; call forwarding, parallel calls, call queues, integrations with SalesForce or Google G-Suite, statistics, conference rooms and more.



sipgate team 3 Light for up to 10 team members £14.95: 

Over 150 features for up to 3 users includes:

  • Landline

  • SMS

  • Fax

sipgate team 3 UK Call Pack £44.95 includes:
  • Landline
  • SMS

  • Fax

  • UK Call Package

sipgate team 3 EU Call Pack £64.95 includes:
  • Landline
  • SMS

  • Fax

  • UK Call Package

  • EU Call Package

More than 10 team members?  They can provide a custom quote as per your requirements.


Zadarma - new generation VoIP

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Zadarma is a great business option with service across more than 80 countries.  If you’re looking for a single service provider to bridge your business across the globe, then Zadarma may be a great option for you to consider. Their geo-diverse and fully featured system comes with reasonable costs. Virtual Cloud PBX is an additional service they offer. If you need to extend your service as your business grows, Zadarma can keep up with your geographic growth as well as your increase in complexity. It can also help integrate with ZohoCRM, Slack, SalesForce, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Bitrix24.  While past reviews show issues with Customer Service, people have also acknowledged that their issues were addressed and it’s improving as they go.


Standard ($0)

  • Recommended for teams of 1 to 4 members

  • Pay as you go for minutes

  • Cloud storage size: 200 Mb

Office ($39 / month)
  • Recommended for teams of 2 to 6 members

  • 500 minutes of calls

  • 1 toll free number included

  • Cloud storage size: 2000 Mb

Corporation ($79 / month)
  • Recommended fo teams of 5 to 20 members

  • 1000 minutes

  • 2 toll free numbers included

  • Cloud storage size: 5000 Mb


Teravoz- Cloud Telephony

Image credits:

Headquartered in Sao Paulo, Teravoz is a great choice if you’re located in South America or if Portuguese is your primary or secondary language. Teravoz has a great roster of clients from Agendor, mandae, credits, Nubank, rockcontent and more. If you need a virtual PBX in South America, with great features and competitive pricing, explore Teravoz.

  • Call forwarding

  • Cloud hosted

  • Call recording

  • Detailed reports

  • Service queues

  • Real-time monitoring

  • Telephony API

  • Auto answer calls

  • Specialized support


localphone for cheap international calls

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Localphone offers, in their own words, “Cheap international calls from your mobile, landline or computer.”  Supporting 167 countries, Localphone offers a low cost service for individuals and small businesses. Many reviews complain about Customer Service recently, identifying it was great at the outset of their service, but has declined recently. You can purchase individual credits for calls or texts, or you can purchase a subscription. The site provides a list of the 167 countries they support, and the unique costs associated with each of the combinations of country you’re calling from and the country you’re calling. If Localphone seems like the right service for you, explore their website to see if their costs are the right fit for you, based on your location and where you are calling.




Image credits:

Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Anveo provides services all over the world.  The Anveo service offering is fully featured and can be tailored to the needs of your business. Whether you need a fully featured solution, or a budget focused option, you can adjust the service to meet your needs.  Anveo can also provide SIP trunking services to support your on-premise solution.

Customers often complain about their dated website, that it’s hard to navigate on find information on the site. Fully featured web accessible communication suite includes:

  • Incredibly low rates for international calls

  • Unlimited voicemail box, as long as data storage is not exceeded

  • SalesForce integration (and other CRMs)

  • Pay as you go plans starting at $0 up to $40.55/month



Image credits:

Singapore based Calncall provides Shared Cloud PBX, Dedicated Cloud PBX, SIP Trunking and Cloud PBX hoteling. They are well regarded and verified by a number of providers. If you’re looking to setup a service in the Asia Pacific area, they have great offerings and reliable service whether you’re an individual, business or enterprise organization. They have fully featured services and flexible pricing no matter what you need.


callcloudImage credits:

CallaCloud is the Malaysian arm of CalnCall. Their site, services and features are very similar, with customized pricing for the Malaysian market.

business-communications-solutionWith SIP Trunking, you can combine your voice, video and data networks into a single line. And since your number isn’t bound by location, it allows you take your phone number with you anywhere you travel. From facilitating communication via a mobile device over an Internet connection to empowering remote workers with messaging, voice and video calling capabilities, it offers several advantages over traditional telephony. And if you choose the right business VoIP provider, SIP Trunking can drive efficiency for your business.  

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