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Three Business Benefits of Unified Communications

By Team CounterPath

A common misconception about Unified Communications is that it replaces other technology, like an existing telephone system. While this is technically true, the reality is that UC platforms offer considerably more than just telephony.

Often when organizations move away from existing hard wired phone systems to a VoIP-based one, they see the switch as a one-to-one move. Implementing a VoIP-based telephony system brings inherent benefits such as cost savings and easier integration for a remote workforce. 

This approach, however, is a little short-sighted and it does not allow Unified Communications systems to really flourish and provide the all-encompassing array of features available such as video calling, screen sharing, instant messaging, and presence management that will can have direct and tangible benefits on an organization’s productivity.

Optimization of existing processes

When it comes to communication tools, enterprises often rely on multiple applications from different vendors in order to achieve the desired results. This adds complexity, duplicates tasks and wastes time.

A Unified Communications platform allows users to have a plethora of communications options literally at their fingertips. Integration of features within the same tool means that users can move seamlessly within a common user interface and environment. More importantly, all applications will be assured to work properly together eliminating set-up time and reducing IT nightmares.


Boost in productivity

Features like presence management and instant messaging gives employees more dynamic ways to communicate. This leads to reduced wasted time, and by knowing the availability of their colleagues, staff are able to make decisions as to what is the best form of communication.

Unified Communications also gives flexibility regarding user’s work location. Employees are empowered to work from home, on the road or from their favourite coffee shop with the same experience as if they were sitting at a desk in the office. Productivity no longer suffers from being away from the office building.


IT Management Relief

As mentioned before, a direct beneficiary from implementing a Unified Communications tool is the IT department. Effectively deploying a UC platform across an organization will allow staff to use all its features and applications under one central management environment.

The reduction of third party applications in the network will result in the reduction of security threats and the hands-on management needed to monitor and optimize multiple individual applications.

Unified Communications is not a one size fits all kind of technology. Instead, UC platforms have the flexibility of adapting to each organization’s specific needs. So, while not all organizations may need all features, the benefits of implementing UC at an enterprise level are clear. Learn how our corporate VoIP solutions and services for corporate telephone systems can help SMBs realize immediate benefits like increased productivity, greater communication flexibility and cost savings.

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Team CounterPath

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CounterPath Corporation is a leading provider of innovative desktop and mobile VoIP software products and solutions. The company's product suite includes SIP-based softphones, server based user experience management and UC solutions that enable service providers, enterprises and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to cost-effectively integrate voice, video, presence, Instant Messaging (IM) and collaboration applications into their VoIP offerings and extend functionality across both fixed and mobile networks.

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