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The 2019 Smart Guide To Digitally Transform Your Contact Center

By Team CounterPath

The contact center technology is changing rapidly.The contact center market is in a dynamic, transformative phase with new methods of communication emerging each day. From delivering enhanced voice experiences to predicting customer behaviours that help control the entire buyer journey, innovative cloud-delivered contact center services are ushering in new capabilities to boost call center productivity.

So how can contact centers utilize these new technologies to support the customer experience? We share a few tips and insights to help you navigate through the complexities of the current contact center industry landscape:

Get ready to digitally transform your contact center

Cloud contact center solutions can help boost productivityFor many contact center business owners, adopting new technology means increased platform development. And this requires multiple annual software upgrades, which in turn increases demands and costs for IT departments who manage on-premise solutions. So, what’s the ideal solution? Cloud or hybrid deployments enable contact centers to access a certain stack of features for experience and customer care. Another major hurdle that call centers are facing today is managing multiple communication channels. As agents shuttle between multiple screens and apps to access, it creates communication barriers and reduces productivity. Here’s where integrating a unified communications (UC) solution with your contact center system can help. UC allows you to hub all your communication activities on one single interface, paving the way for streamlined team communications.

Address contact center challenges with powerful UC tools

The right UC solution can help tackle contact center challengesTo excel in today’s marketplace, agents need to be able to move fluidly from one communication channel to another, be available to consumers on their time and also use the channel of their choice. Embracing UC empowers them with omnichannel communication capabilities such as team messaging, HD voice and video calling, screensharing and a variety of other call-back capabilities. A UC-enabled contact center boosts your agent’s arsenal of customer interaction tools and ultimately helps improve the customer experience. New call center trends keep emerging to serve customer metrics. It’s become critical to find real-time, consolidated information on the state of your communication tools – as delayed stats can delay responsiveness and affect customer interactions. With UC, you can get access to detailed reports on client usage, network status and more. Even when it comes to the volume of inquiries, they can vary due to a variety of factors and can leave your organization stuck with long customer service queues or excess seats that create additional expenditures. Consider transitioning from fixed license pricing to a UC or Software as a Service (SaaS) solution with on-demand scalability. This will help your business become more flexible and agile. Leverage the business benefits of UC and convert your call center into an omnichannel contact center.

Enhance your contact center efficiencies with various UC deployment solutions

Deploy a UC solution that matches your call center needsThere’s a gamut of integrations available when it comes to deploying a UC solution that can match to your specific call center needs. You can integrate specific communication capabilities within your CRM and manage the calling experience more efficiently. Some of the commonly used features such as Auto Answer, Audio/Video Calling, Incoming Call Alert, Forward and Transfer Calls, Call Recording can be augmented with collaboration, messaging or analytics, etc. You can also leverage SDKs and APIs from UC vendors to develop a customized solution or integrate IMS-compliant calling, messaging and presence within your own application. Some vendors provide comprehensive developer tools and support that accelerates development and deployment of rich communications services or apps. You can also empower your remote agents with a BYOC communication solution tied to the company’s existing infrastructure and managed from a single interface. Boost their productivity with cloud communications and cater to a nomadic workforce across desktop and mobile devices.

Check out Bria® – the best-in-class UC Solution for Contact Centres

Bria for Call CentersWith over 16 years of delivering voice applications for the world’s most demanding customers; CounterPath is known as the global leader in unified communications (UC) space. Their Bria® Call Center Softphones enable video calling, messaging & presence, screen sharing and are known for delivering the best user experience while providing reliability, scalability and flexibility that works with any VoIP environment. Want to integrate Bria into your call center workflow? Embed rich voice and video calling capabilities into your application with CounterPath’s Softphone SDK. Work with their experienced engineering team to create a custom solution that meets your organization’s feature requirements and matches your brand identity. A custom Bria solution locks the client to the system tray and reduces distractions for agents. Their award-winning Stretto Platform™ makes provisioning easy, with centralized configuration and management for multiple call center locations or remote agents. You can also integrate calling support within existing workflows, applications or webapps with the CounterPath VoIP SDK.

Empower your agents with powerful UC tools and create seamless customer experiences across devices. Watch this on-demand webinar: “Softphones for the Call Center of the Future” and discover the latest strategies to build an omnichannel approach for your contact center business.

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