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Bria X Mobile Now Includes Push Notifications

Over the past few years, both Android and iOS have introduced operating system features that disable tasks that run in the background. While this might be useful to ensure a game app does not...

Discontinuing the Sale of eyeBeam

On March 23, 2015, we announced we would no longer be providing updates to eyeBeam. Today, we'd like to inform you that effective March 31, 2018, eyeBeam will no longer be sold in the CounterPath...

Bria Mobile - Do Two Things at Once!

We are so pleased to introduce the new and improved Bria Mobile 5.1.1 with the following exciting features: Android Multi-window Support For Android 7 (Nougat) devices and higher, applications can...

Bria Push Makes Bria Stretto Even Better

Now even better, Bria push notifications. I’ve talked about push solutions for our customers quite a bit lately. With that in mind, can anyone guess what I’m going to talk about today?

Improving User Experience with IPv6

Talk about a bad user experience. You boot up your favourite device, launch your favourite VoIP client, and…  encounter a connection failure.   But it worked just fine yesterday!   Software...

Where to Get a Softphone

Finding and configuring a softphone client can be a daunting task.  So you know why your company needs a softphone. Now how do you go about getting one?

Push for the People!

Recently, I wrote Implementing Battery-Saving Push Notifications in Bria  covering important changes quickly emerging in mobile VoIP around backgrounding of applications and push server options...

Why Your Company Needs A Softphone

The phone that sits on your desk is a piece of hardware – something that you can physically touch and feel. A softphone is the software version of a phone. It's an app that you can install on your...

Game of Softphones: Bria 3 vs. Bria 5

White ravens are being sent to every corner of the world from the CounterPath headquarters. Unlike in Westeros (from Game of Thrones, of course) where the white raven signals winter has finally...

Integrating Outlook with Your Phone System

As one of Microsoft’s most popular productivity tools, Outlook is more than an email app – it also manages contacts, tasks, and your calendar. It has kept millions organized and helped them...

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