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The Evolution of Video Conferencing

Video conferencing used to be a luxury. Do you remember when everyone was in awe of video conferencing? That's because the ability to have it signalled status due to its high set-up and...

Business World Problems - Messaging

 Video conferencing, online collaboration, remote working, and VoIP are now all part of the corporate communication landscape. They all work together to provide better efficiency and productivity....

New Updates to the Bria Product Line

Look no further. The game changer to the softphone landscape is coming soon! CounterPath is excited to release updates to our Bria product line in the next few weeks!

Essential Unified Communications Features for Remote Workers

One of the biggest advantages of a Unified Communications platform is the ability to recruit and integrate team members literally anywhere in the world. Remote workers continue to grow amongst the...

How to Select the Right Features from Your UC Platform

Some people still struggle to grasp the concept of Unified Communications. That is ok because UC is a fluid notion. That said, what it boils down to is the integration of features that enable...

The Top Five Business Benefits of Video Conferencing

Let’s face it, there has been no other time in history where enterprises could and had to conduct businesses at a global scale. The costs of doing business all around the world can take a toll,...

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