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What are RESTful APIs and How Do They Help Build Dream Integrations?

The advent of SIP (session initiation protocol) more than two decades ago led to the belief that PTSN (public switched telephone network) would cease to exist. It talked about the blossoming of a...

3 Key Benefits of the Bria Desktop API

APIs aren’t all that new; they are responsible for the seamless flow of information between different programs. For example, when you copy and paste text from one application into another, it’s...

Top 5 Call Center Apps in 2020

The call center industry is experiencing massive growth and innovation. In an industry that relies on clear and efficient communication, UC solutions are at the forefront of that evolution. We're...

5 Things to Consider When Evaluating Unified Communication and Collaboration Solutions

While an enormous shift has happened in workplace modernization due to the influx of mobile technologies, enterprises are torn between adopting new technology that fits into their way of working...

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