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Is Your Communication Ecosystem Facilitating a Superior Customer Experience?

Let's face it: running a business these days is tough. Companies are trying to outdo each other. Customers are flocking towards organizations that can provide better customer service, innovative...

3 ways to step ahead of the competition in today’s complex telco landscape

The telecom industry is bracing itself for new developments in 2019, with traditional lines of business facing challenges from disruptive technologies and increasing competition from over-the-top...

5 Tips for First-Time Managers

Becoming a manager can be intimidating. Congratulations! Your hard work has finally paid off and you've deservedly become the leader of a group of professionals. Perhaps you're a seasoned leader...

We Help You Prove ROI from Unified Communications

As a professional, one of the biggest challenges that you can face is to obtain the buy-in from executives in order to implement a specific initiative. Whether is boosting your social media...

How Instant Messaging Can Change Your Company’s Culture

The numbers are staggering. eMarketer reported that 1.4 billion people use a mobile messaging app. It is believed that this number will continue to increase to 2 billion by the time 2018 comes...

How to Get VoIPing on your iPhone or iPad in 5 Easy Steps

You’ve heard about the advantages of using a VoIP service to make calls – it’s cheaper, cooler, and hey, did we mention cheaper? – but it always seemed like such a complicated process, right?

How to Add Facebook or Twitter to Your Bria Desktop Softphone

Did you know you can view Facebook, Twitter, or just about any web page directly within your Bria desktop softphone? It’s true. And adding them to Bria is easy! Here’s how.

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