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3 Benefits of Bria Desktop API

APIs aren’t all that new; they are responsible for the seamless flow of information between different programs. For example, when you copy and paste text from one application into another, it’s...

Where to Get a Softphone

Finding and configuring a softphone client can be a daunting task. So you know why your company needs a softphone. Now how do you go about getting one?

Game of Softphones: Bria 3 vs. Bria 5

White ravens are being sent to every corner of the world from the CounterPath headquarters. Unlike in Westeros (from Game of Thrones, of course) where the white raven signals winter has finally...

CounterPath’s Stretto to Team Up in the UK with Comms Supply

We are very excited to partner up with Comms Supply to deliver our mobile softphone client, Stretto on their hosted PBX solution YourUCP. Comms Supply is an expert specialist business...

That "A-Ha" Moment

We had a recent announcement about our new Client Configuration Server and patent, and since then, customers have wanted to understand more about why we connected the two in the same statement.

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