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Video Conferencing in a Mobile World

We live in a world where fiction is meeting reality. A world where technology that seemed mere fantasy decades ago is now commonplace. A prime example of this is mobile video conferencing. Unified...

Essential Unified Communications Features for Remote Workers

One of the biggest advantages of a Unified Communications platform is the ability to recruit and integrate team members literally anywhere in the world. Remote workers continue to grow amongst the...

What to Look for When Selecting a UC Platform

The rapid ascension and adoption of Unified Communications (UC) among enterprises has been well documented. More importantly, it will continue to grow exponentially over the next decade. As...

CounterPath Introduces Enterprise-Grade Add-Ins for Bria Windows Clients

Want to add even more oomph to your Bria Windows desktop client? Retail users now have access to two new Client Add-Ins to use in conjunction with their Bria 4.1+ for Windows desktop softphone:...

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