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VUC Podcast: CounterPath from a Business Point of View

Our SVP Marketing and Products, Todd Carothers, took some time out of his day last Friday to chat with VoIP Users Conference attendees about recent developments at CounterPath including the ITSP...

How to Get VoIPing on your iPhone or iPad in 5 Easy Steps

You’ve heard about the advantages of using a VoIP service to make calls – it’s cheaper, cooler, and hey, did we mention cheaper? – but it always seemed like such a complicated process, right?

That "A-Ha" Moment

We had a recent announcement about our new Client Configuration Server and patent, and since then, customers have wanted to understand more about why we connected the two in the same statement.

Bria Gives ITSPs Some Love

We just launched a new web-based program that will allow Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) to certify their service with our Bria for iPhone softphone. It's a pretty cool change for us as...

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