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The UC industry is constantly evolving. At CounterPath, we keep our finger on the pulse, making sure we share the latest trends, releases, updates and industry standards in UC.

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Chromebooks – Maximizing Bria for Your Organization

I’m happy to report that with our most recent 5.3.1 release for Android, we officially support Chromebooks.  Chromebooks are supported for use with Bria Mobile, Bria X and Bria Stretto!

The Cost of Acquiring Inferior Solutions

I got a call from a customer recently. He mentioned that his company was developing an application using a competitor’s SDK and now wanted to buy CounterPath's SDK.  When I asked why, it reminded...

Telepresence & The Culture of Taking Meetings Seriously

How often do you sit in a meeting with anywhere from five to 15 minutes (or more) of technical difficulty?  

Using Softphones on Scanning Devices to Improve Productivity and Customer Service Quality

Softphones. I remember first using one and thinking “wow, now I can make a call using my computer and I don’t need to use the telephone at my desk!” Then I found out I could take my laptop with me...

GDPR: A Look at the Consequences on Data

The May 25th deadline for the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) enforcement is looming. But what does that mean for companies outside the European Union that deal with data? The sobering...

Five Softphone Features You Need

Sometimes it can be difficult to sort out what softphone features you really need. In a noisy world, we're here to break it down for you to help you figure out what's essential and what's not. So...

Do I Need a Unified Communications Solution?

The world moves at a considerably faster speed today. We live in a society that requires quicker responses, shorter turn-arounds and instant touchpoints. As a result, decision-making has also been...

New Workforce Demands Pave the Way for UC Adoption 

Let’s face reality. The workforce landscape is changing and it is changing quickly and dramatically. Long gone are the days when people clocked in at 9am and clocked out at 5pm. Cubicles and...

UC for Dummies: Maximizing Utility for Your Business

Unified Communications (UC) solutions enable an employee’s desk phone, mobile phone, video conferencing, SMS and more, to be synched on one system. This means having your business information...

The CounterPath-Oracle Joint UC Solution

Video collaboration is the future of the workplace. With more people working remotely, video collaboration allows today's diverse, scattered workforce to be productive from anywhere, with any...

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