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5 Things To Be Aware of When Replacing Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) Phones

Finding a provider of parts and refurbished Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) phones in 2020 is next to impossible. Many SMB and enterprise organizations have held on to these...

5 Major Industries That Rely on UC Solutions

Today’s businesses need to be more agile and more competitive than ever. With a focus on growth and the certainty of change, modern businesses are becoming more dependent on unified communication...

How a Softphone Can Positively Impact Your Business

As a forward-looking business, you and your employees regularly reach out to your partners, vendors and customers to maintain relationships and ensure satisfaction. And chances are good that you...

New Updates to the Bria Product Line

Look no further. The game changer to the softphone landscape is coming soon! CounterPath is excited to release updates to our Bria product line in the next few weeks!

Everything You Need To Know About Stretto 1.9.0

We've heard it time and again: today's businesses want communication solutions that scale across multiple devices, mobile devices and of course, solutions that let you BYOD...

Now Available: Bria for Salesforce!

Can you imagine a world without Salesforce? Neither can we. We’re excited to announce that our award-winning Bria softphone now seamlessly integrates with Salesforce. You can now capture calls,...

CounterPath's Salesforce CRM Integration

This is a guest post by Dan Quick, a Senior Content Strategist at VirtualPBX and represents the company online and in person to media, customers and partners.  A veteran of the financial services...

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