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New Workforce Demands Pave the Way for UC Adoption 

Let’s face reality. The workforce landscape is changing and it is changing quickly and dramatically. Long gone are the days when people clocked in at 9am and clocked out at 5pm. Cubicles and...

Enhancing Practicality with Bria

I’ve been at CounterPath for more than 12 years in various roles. We're not only developing software for real-time collaborative communications, but we embrace it to conduct our everyday business....

Bria Push Makes Bria Stretto Even Better

Now even better, Bria push notifications. I’ve talked about push solutions for our customers quite a bit lately. With that in mind, can anyone guess what I’m going to talk about today?

Business World Problems - Messaging

 Video conferencing, online collaboration, remote working, and VoIP are now all part of the corporate communication landscape. They all work together to provide better efficiency and productivity....

We're Solving Your #BusinessWorldProblems!

Listen up, remote worker! Working from home is great, but you run the risk of becoming isolated and inefficient if you fail to communicate properly with your colleagues. You need to be available,...

Bria 5: Save Time and Maximize Your Productivity

Are you a hard-working, results-oriented professional? Do you spend a lot of time using Microsoft Outlook? Is email one of your primary methods for communicating with contacts? Do you wish your...

New Updates to the Bria Product Line

Look no further. The game changer to the softphone landscape is coming soon! CounterPath is excited to release updates to our Bria product line in the next few weeks!

Everything You Need To Know About Stretto 1.9.0

We've heard it time and again: today's businesses want communication solutions that scale across multiple devices, mobile devices and of course, solutions that let you BYOD...

Bria and Apple – Introducing the Dynamic Duo for Mobile Productivity

With the rise of the “always connected” workforce, we have been focusing on our abilities to deliver more mobile solutions to our customers. This latest innovation is intended to improve the user...

BYOD as Safe as Company-issued Devices

When analyzing the pros and cons of implementing a BYOD initiative on any organization, the first concern that is usually brought up is network security. The common notion is that by allowing...

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