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3 Benefits of Bria Desktop API

APIs aren’t all that new; they are responsible for the seamless flow of information between different programs. For example, when you copy and paste text from one application into another, it’s...

Business World Problems - Conference Calls

Meetings with people who work in scattered locations often need to be done via conference calls. Conference calls are great if you can get them set up and running smoothly, but this is not always...

Here's Why You Should Choose Bria

Let’s face it. If you are considering buying Unified Communications (UC) clients, you have lots of vendors to choose from. Your PBX vendor might offer their own client. Why not just go with the...

Game of Softphones: Bria 3 vs. Bria 5

White ravens are being sent to every corner of the world from the CounterPath headquarters. Unlike in Westeros (from Game of Thrones, of course) where the white raven signals winter has finally...

Integrating Outlook with Your Phone System

As one of Microsoft’s most popular productivity tools, Outlook is more than an email app – it also manages contacts, tasks, and your calendar. It has kept millions organized and helped them...

Bria 5: Save Time and Maximize Your Productivity

Are you a hard-working, results-oriented professional? Do you spend a lot of time using Microsoft Outlook? Is email one of your primary methods for communicating with contacts? Do you wish your...

New Updates to the Bria Product Line

Look no further. The game changer to the softphone landscape is coming soon! CounterPath is excited to release updates to our Bria product line in the next few weeks!

Bria Desktop Softphones become standard for Cloud Contact Center Solutions Provider

Today we are happy to announce that one of our customers, a leading cloud contact center solutions provider has standardized on its customized version of CounterPath’s Bria desktop softphone.

How Does Your Phone System Help Deliver a Better Customer Experience?

Today’s business environment is tough. Every company is trying to outdo the others and gain an edge over the next guy. Customers are flocking towards organizations that can provide better customer...

Bria 4 Gets Even Better with New Release

 At CounterPath we look for ways to improve in everything we do. Especially when it comes to our flagship products. We are happy to announce several enhancements and improvements that have been...

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