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The Stretto™ Collaboration Solution

By Susie Monyo

CounterPath has exciting news! Today we're pleased to announce our latest innovation for teams: Stretto™ Collaboration!

Stretto™ Collaboration works on a plethora of devices. Stretto™ Collaboration works on a plethora of devices.

Since inception, we've been proud to offer the world's most interoperable softphone with IP/PBX call control platforms. Bria is highly secure, easily deployed and centrally managed. It also includes features specifically for business and enterprise users, such as chat rooms and CRM integration support.

Stretto is our messaging, presence and provisioning platform for the centralized management of Bria software. It works with any call control/PBX platform, empowering enterprises and operators to deliver flexible UC capabilities for users.

The Stretto™ Platform provides:

  • Provisioning: streamlines deployment and management of Bria
  • User Experience Metrics: Helps IT discover problems before users do through analysis of voice quality and usage metrics
  • Help Desk: reduces time to support ticket resolution
  • XMPP Message & Presence: Provides an XMPP server for messaging and presence services
  • Messaging Sync: Synchronizes messages across Bria desktop, smartphone and tablet clients
  • Push Notification: Reduces battery drain on mobile Bria clients

Stretto™ Collaboration is a cloud-based service add on by CounterPath that combines audio, video, screenshare, and messaging in one virtual meeting. Benefits include:

  • Extending the highly integrated Bria experience - voice, video, messaging and presence with collaboration over any network, from any device, anywhere
  • Allowing people to have richer conversations internal and external without significant changes to their existing infrastructure and future-proof their UC investment
  • Enabling a diverse workforce to effectively and efficiently collaborate; flexibility to choose a variety of UC features to suit their communications preferences

For more information on Stretto™ Collaboration, read our latest news release.  

Susie Monyo

About Susie Monyo

Susie is currently the Social Media Specialist at CounterPath. She is an engaging storyteller who is passionate about working with innovative technologies. As a compelling content creator, she is always eager to learn and share information about the latest solutions. Susie manages all of CounterPath's social channels and always finds new ways to fuse pop culture and the world of technology.

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