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Everything You Need To Know About Stretto 1.9.0

By Susie Monyo

We've heard it time and again: today's businesses want communication solutions that scale across multiple devices, mobile devices and of course, solutions that let you BYOD (bring-your-own-device). IT professionals are no longer required to deal with unnecessary headaches caused by incompatibility and lack of integration between systems. These key decision-makers only invest in solutions that are easy to deploy, maintain and centrally manage.

The CounterPath Stretto Platform™ is a softphone user experience platform that enables messaging (with device sync), presence and battery-saver capabilities, helping businesses and individual users meet their specific communications requirements. Stretto works with our award-winning Bria softphone to provide user experience metrics and a help desk assistant, among other features. With the latest version of the platform, Stretto 1.9.0, we've allowed features to seamlessly be added over time, improving overall functionality.

Some of the updates available in Stretto 1.9.0 include:

  • Improved User Experience Metrics (UEM) for desktop
  • Stretto 1.9.0 includes support for RedHat and CentOS 6.
    • Supporting both gives customers more choice and ultimately drives down deployment costs
  • Improved troubleshooting and logging tools for admins to better support their organizations and improve their performance against their SLA
  • Enhanced security settings for highly regulated verticals such as financial services, government and healthcare

Stretto is the glue that makes the components of our incredible Bria softphone fit together effortlessly, providing the best possible user experience. Put some Stretto in your life!

To learn more about Stretto 1.9.0, read the press release here.

Susie Monyo

About Susie Monyo

Susie is currently the Social Media Specialist at CounterPath. She is an engaging storyteller who is passionate about working with innovative technologies. As a compelling content creator, she is always eager to learn and share information about the latest solutions. Susie manages all of CounterPath's social channels and always finds new ways to fuse pop culture and the world of technology.

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