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5 Softphone Features You Need

By Susie Monyo

Sometimes it can be difficult to sort out what softphone features you really need. In a noisy world, we're here to break it down for you to help you figure out what's essential for a softphone for business and what's not. So without further ado, it's possible to improve the functionality of your softphone with these five features: dial plan, audio codecs, push notifications, call recording, and autostart. 

1. Dial Plan

The purpose of a dial plan on a softphone is to strip, add or replace digits from the dialled number. This is particularly handy for international contacts that are saved as +(country code).


2. Audio Codecs

When operating on a mobile device, choosing the right codec can significantly improve your call quality. By setting G.729a as your preferred codec, your softphone will work more reliably in situations with less than ideal internet access (while travelling for example).


G.729a is a premium codec that is well worth the price. It's actually free on Bria Mobile. Audio quality is slightly reduced but the difference is almost imperceptible to the average user.

3. Push Notifications 

If your SIP service (provider or PBX) cannot send push notifications to alert your phone of an incoming call, Bria has a neat feature that handles this function for you.


Setting it up is as easy as ticking the push notification box under your account settings. Battery life improves dramatically after making this change.

4. Call Recording

While on a phone call using Bria just tap the three-dot symbol and hit “start audio recording”. The file is saved locally on your device. The first time you record a conversation you may be prompted to allow the app to record.

Bria uses the standard "  " recording symbol. 

5. Autostart on Boot

If your phone runs out of battery you might forget to open the app when you turn it back on. Activating autostart ensures the app restarts whenever the device is turned on.  

CounterPath also offers custom branding, providing a white-label softphone solution for desktop, smartphone and tablet clients. If you're interested in these and more crucial features, check out our products page:

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Susie Monyo

About Susie Monyo

Susie is currently the Social Media Specialist at CounterPath. She is an engaging storyteller who is passionate about working with innovative technologies. As a compelling content creator, she is always eager to learn and share information about the latest solutions. Susie manages all of CounterPath's social channels and always finds new ways to fuse pop culture and the world of technology.

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