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Taking Your Security and Privacy Seriously

By Susie Monyo
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We take your security and privacy seriously

Not all vendors are the same. As we’ve seen with the recent client-based security breach and privacy oversight in the news, the responsibility and trust that customers place on us is not something that we take lightly.

For over a decade we’ve enabled some of the largest service providers in the world with our technology to bring their VoIP communications services to commercial and retail users. Our technology has been supplied to some of the largest enterprises in verticals such as finance, healthcare, government, retail and call centres. Our products have been put through the most stringent security practices. We have a large end user base that we listen to and interact with and we understand all their privacy and security concerns.  Perhaps it’s this broad exposure to end users, enterprises and service providers that makes us aware of the critical components that must be in place in an organization to ensure that sensitive data is encrypted and securely stored. This understanding is at the core of what we do, from our softphone clients to our management platform and every feature in between.

Protection from security breaches
We maintain high quality communications while defending against threats.

We work with organizations that are taking precautions to defend against attacks on their voice, video, messaging, and data communications. We establish secure signaling and encrypted media between our desktop and mobile clients and any IP PBX, Media Gateway or UC platform. We also provide Bria clients for Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) frameworks that enable IT managers to manage containers that securely hold applications on employee devices.

The CounterPath Stretto Platform™, a gateway, messaging, presence and provisioning platform, allows enterprises and operators to meet their specific security needs by providing flexible deployment options from On-Premise to Hosted and Cloud offerings.  The Stretto Platform is agnostic to existing network elements, providing further versatility as deployments can be made on top of current SBCs, IMS components, VoIP switches, PBXs and cloud communication services. Even remote troubleshooting is secure with the Help Desk Assistant module.  When an end user experiences a problem with Bria, they can contact their support team and allow a support staff member to remotely connect to their Bria client using a security code generated when they start the Help Desk Assistant.

So, if security is of concern, and a VoIP solution is in your plans, talk to us at CounterPath, we can lend a helping hand.

To learn more about CounterPath, visit our website.

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