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SDK Solution: 8 Vital Adoption Considerations & What It Means For You

By Lauren Kennedy




Wondering how you can use an SDK Solution, or Softphone SDK, in your own, specific application? Read about important components your team should consider when selecting an softphone SDK provider, and a breakdown on weather your organization should consider building it yourself, vs. buying from an established SDK solution provider.

8 Vital Components When Considering a SDK Solution

Thinking an SDK Softphone may be the right solution for your business? The below are important questions to ask and ensure your SDK solution provider is able to provide:

  1. Time Spend: How many hours would it take to build a VoIP component in your application? How many hours would it take to educate your developers on real-time communication practices and protocols?
  2. Human Resources: Do you have the developer resources to build new softphone functionality? Will they have the bandwidth to support and maintain it?
  3. Technical Support: What is your plan for supporting tickets? Do you to hire a softphone expert to support the plan developers? Who will manage interoperability issues, addressing bugs and maintain the expert level of knowledge needed to provide support?
  4. Code Languages: Is your programming language and platform of choice supported?
  5. Integrations: Will you need to integrate your SDK with REST-based API’s or existing applications?
  6. End User Management & Administration: How will you manage users? How long will it take to create an interface to load, configure and manage users? What are the costs to use an external solution?
  7. Number of Users: How many licenses are needed?
  8. Device Stack: Windows, Mac or Linux desktops, iOS or Android devices?


SDK Solution Build vs. Buy Breakdown

A Softphone SDK enables engineers to integrate, or create, new applications with voice and video calling, instant messaging, presence and more. If you are considering the pros and cons of building your own softphone solution, versus purchasing an industry leading softphone SDK, here are some items to take into consideration:

Buy Pros

Build Cons

Speed to Market: Thousands of hours of developer time saved. 

Developer Support: Unique to CounterPath is our dedicated team of developers to help troubleshoot code, answer questions and provide support. 

App Security: Support for all major media and signaling encryption standards.


Cost: Upfront cost to buy thousands of hours of engineering and research.

Ongoing Support: Responsible for new releases, application dependencies, and bug management.

Code Privacy: You are obligated to release the source code, all the rights to modify and distribute the entire code, if there is a GPL component in your software.


Looking for a Free Trial, or Code Samples? Contact Us!

We only provide examples for the most popular ones, but the SDK will work just as well with most other languages.

Security (1)“All code is guilty until proven innocent”. - Anonymous


Softphone SDK Release: What’s New & What It Means for You

As always, this latest SDK is full of fixes and improvements over the previous 1.12 release and we encourage those who use it to upgrade for the best performance and reliability. This is the SDK we use to make our own award-winning softphone. Feel free to download any of our free softphones to make your own comparison and confirm our superiority. A softphone SDK is particularly ideal for embedding in call center environments, CRM, ERP or contact management software.

Recently we released our 1.13 SDK with the below additions and enhancements;

  • Updated Third Party Libraries
  • Improved Video Conferencing Echo Detection & Echo Cancelling
  • New upstream video resolution supported: 480p
  • Windows core audio improvements

While the above may not seem super exciting to non-developers, what does this mean for SDK customers?

When customers who have purchased CounterPath’s SDK, we handle updates, enhancements, improvements, and operating system releases for platforms such as Android and iOS. Which means your engineers are free to focus on other items that help drive your business’s success and growth. With bi-annual updates, which is 6 months’ worth of work for 2 engineers, it saves your organization;

  • Average of $77k every 6 months
  • Average of 1,920 hour of work every 6 months!


As always, current SDK customers can visit our Technical Assistance Center and request an updated build. With the 1.13 release of Softphone SDK, we hope it helps developers across the world to build the best of quality communications applications and enables them to create a comprehensive VoIP experience.


Learn more about our softphone for business solutions.


Lauren Kennedy

About Lauren Kennedy

Lauren Kennedy is a Product Marketing Manager at CounterPath, specializing in compelling storytelling, content writing, product management, digital marketing and sales enablement. Her 12 years in telecom has made her passionate about delivering the right solution, to the right customer & creating narratives that resonate the specific needs of organizations.