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SDK 1.7 and Xamarin Support

By John Chow

One of the major features of the CounterPath Softphone SDK 1.7 is the brand new support for Xamarin. I’m here to tell you why this is such an important feature for both SDK app developers and current Xamarin users.

For our existing Softphone SDK users, the addition of Xamarin support will be welcomed for many reasons. Firstly, Xamarin (and in particular Xamarin.Forms) allows app developers to write apps for multiple platforms from a single codebase and a single SDK package. Your application can truly be written once, and built with ease for either platform. In addition, this single source application will only require the single Xamarin Softphone SDK instead of the traditional standalone iOS and Android SDK packages.

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Developers familiar with our SDK may have used the .NET wrappers to build a Windows application with C#. Xamarin is also built with C# and .NET, bringing the language to both iOS and Android, where neither platform originally had C# support. With Xamarin and its .NET interpreter Mono, users have complete native API coverage in C#. Anything that can be done in Objective-C, Swift, or Java is completely accessible with C#, and almost anything that can be done in .NET is now available in Android and iOS. For full .NET compatibility specifics, visit the Mono website.  

For Xamarin app developers who are not familiar with our SDK, the Softphone SDK is the same core used to build CounterPath’s award-winning softphones, Bria and X-Lite. You can trust that if you build a Xamarin app with our Softphone SDK you will get the best SIP communication engine, of the highest compatibility and quality. We have buildable code samples, so you can quickly test the SDK in Xamarin to see if it’s right for your application. There is also all new documentation that features Xamarin explicitly to help with your development with our SDK. Customers who have access to the online documentation can provide feedback from right within the documentation itself. 

If you’re building an application that needs to be on both iOS and Android platforms, using Xamarin is a good place to start. And if your Xamarin application needs to have a powerful, highly compatible and performant communications core with voice, video, and text, be sure to use the CounterPath Softphone SDK for the best experience possible for your clients and customers.

To learn more about the CounterPath Softphone SDK 1.7, check out our datasheet:

See Datasheet

John Chow

About John Chow

John Chow is a Jr. Product Manager and formerly Windows Application Developer at CounterPath. He previously helped build X-Lite and Bria, and now manages many products under the CounterPath umbrella. He also sometimes writes about how CounterPath is making the VoIP world a better place.

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