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Introducing the New CounterPath Softphone SDK 1.7

By John Chow

CounterPath’s Softphone SDK 1.7 has a great list of new features for developers looking to add UC functionality to their own software. With this release, we are enhancing the experience of using the SDK with revamped documentation, and now, Xamarin mobile application framework support. Here’s a brief overview of what’s new in 1.7:

256-bit cryptographic suites for SRTP

Encrypted calls using SRTP are now using a 256-bit key size. This is mandatory if your application requires encrypted communication as smaller key sizes are no longer standards compliant.

Cisco QoS Fastlane support for iOS

If you are building iOS apps for use in an enterprise environment with Cisco wireless controllers, the CounterPath iOS SDK can leverage Cisco QoS Fastlane. When enabled, voice and video traffic will have a higher priority in the Wi-Fi network, for better call quality.

Camera2 API support for Android

With proper Android device support, video calls made with the Softphone SDK will have improved light exposure from using the Camera2 API in Android.

Improved documentation

The documentation for the Softphone SDK has been completely overhauled in version 1.7. The goal was to make our docs as clear and concise as possible with more code examples. SDK users are encouraged to provide feedback of the new documentation with the responder available on every page. We do read your responses, so help us help you! 

response box sdk

Xamarin support on mobile platforms

Xamarin is a .NET based application framework that allows writing applications for multiple platforms with a single source. If you’re building a new application for mobile, Xamarin is great place to start and the Softphone SDK is now able to integrate in this developer environment. Documentation and buildable source code samples for Xamarin are available in 1.7.

We hope that the 1.7 release of the Softphone SDK will help developers build the applications required to achieve the best quality communications from across the hall to around the world!

To learn more about SDK 1.7, visit our website:

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John Chow

About John Chow

John Chow is a Jr. Product Manager and formerly Windows Application Developer at CounterPath. He previously helped build X-Lite and Bria, and now manages many products under the CounterPath umbrella. He also sometimes writes about how CounterPath is making the VoIP world a better place.

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