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CounterPath's Salesforce CRM Integration

By Team CounterPath

This is a guest post by Dan Quick, a Senior Content Strategist at VirtualPBX and represents the company online and in person to media, customers and partners.  A veteran of the financial services and CaaS industries, Dan received degrees in Journalism and Sociology from Arizona State University and is an avid cyclist.   

The Totally Integrated Office

The concept of the modern sales organization has roots in the oldest records of history. While none of the infrastructure from the foundation of bartering and simple exchange economies could be recognizable by the modern teams of today, many instrumental developments came as a direct result of the birth of commerce. From basic accounting for record keeping and money lending to advances in navigation and shipping that permitted international trade routes, commerce has driven technology since the very first sale. That trend of finance motivating science continues today, and we at VirtualPBX are proud to have partnered with CounterPath and Salesforce to introduce the next best thing since Rolodex.

A Modern Sales Organization Needs Modern Sales Tools

Sales teams today still rely on the basic principles of persuasion and relationship building that have been the hallmark of successful sales organizations for year. What has changed, however, is that the nature of how those convincing messages reach perspective buyers has changed dramatically. Modern consumers are, thanks to the ubiquity of high-speed internet connections, more informed on products and services and the options available to them than ever before. Furthermore, to reach and influence more of those online shoppers and potential customers, sales have had to adapt higher-volume tactics and employ more digitally captured lead generating practices. To manage that increase in volume, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software was developed to automate and track the progression and efficacy of various campaigns. Salesforce quickly emerged as a leader in the field of CRM and therefore it was a simple decision to look to them as our ideal partner for our next big integration project. However, considering how many systems Salesforce interacts with along with the advanced technology platform that our ideal mate for it, the VirtualPBX Desktop Softphone, was built upon, integrating these two award-winning technologies was not going to be easy.

When Nothing Short of Seamless Would Suffice

Thanks to the strength of the engineers at CounterPath, we have been able to marry the indispensible VirtualPBX Desktop Softphone with the omnipresent Salesforce CRM software. What resulted from this combination of technologies is possibly the single most versatile and advantageous tool that any salesperson could ask for in the modern marketplace. The VirtualPBX Softphone has always given the salesperson the flexibility to work from literally anywhere there’s an internet connection, and the accompanying VirtualPBX Softphone App extends that mobility to any internet-ready smart device. Now, with the total integration of Salesforce for tracking, contacting, direct calls, and reporting of critical measurements, the VirtualPBX Softphone is more powerful than ever before. Delivering this pairing was possible in other ways, but getting these two technologies together without any loss of service or features was crucial, and only possible by CounterPath and VirtualPBX engineers working in unison. According to our customers who are already using the VirtualPBX Dash VoIP service and Salesforce CRM Integration, the results are speaking for themselves. 

Developing the Best Tools For Tomorrow

We’re proud to have collaborated so closely with Salesforce and CounterPath on this integration and even more thrilled with the quality of the results. So much so, in fact, that it seems likely that we’ll be introducing more innovative technologies for business telephone systems before the curtain drops, as well. Because regardless of how influential this integration will be for the modern sales organization, our goal has always been to ensure that our customers continue to have the right tools for well into the future, as well. With that in mind, we regularly post updates to our engineering timetable on our public-facing VirtualPBX Product Roadmap. It’s there that customers and technology enthusiasts alike can make feature requests, comment on ongoing projects, and even sign up for exclusive beta-testing opportunities. Go ahead and follow us on Facebook and Twitter where we often get great feedback on our technology and let us know what about the VirtualPBX Softphone and Salesforce CRM integration you love, too. Until then, keep an eye out for more from us and CounterPath as we work together to improve the tools that power the next great innovations from sales teams all over the world.

For more information on CounterPath's Bria for Salesforce, visit here. 

Team CounterPath

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CounterPath Corporation is a leading provider of innovative desktop and mobile VoIP software products and solutions. The company's product suite includes SIP-based softphones, server based user experience management and UC solutions that enable service providers, enterprises and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to cost-effectively integrate voice, video, presence, Instant Messaging (IM) and collaboration applications into their VoIP offerings and extend functionality across both fixed and mobile networks.

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