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Implementing a Tool to Connect Your Team

Implementing a digital strategy to connect your team and provide usable tools for communications is complex. There are many tools out there that provide a platform to connect teams, but which are...

Chromebooks – Maximizing Bria for Your Organization

I’m happy to report that with our most recent 5.3.1 release for Android, we officially support Chromebooks.  Chromebooks are supported for use with Bria Mobile, Bria X and Bria Stretto!

Blockchain Series Part 3: The CounterPath Cryptocurrency

In this final post in our blockchain blog series (check out part 1 and 2 of this series if you haven't already), we’d like to continue discussing CounterPath’s plans for blockchain implementation...

Blockchain Series Part 2: The CounterPath Solution

Following up on part one of this series, we're moving on to discuss blockchain and cryptocurrencies in more detail. Here at CounterPath, we're still in the preliminary stages of blockchain...

Blockchain Series Part 1: CounterPath and Cryptocurrencies

Our next three blog posts will examine blockchain and cryptocurrencies and CounterPath's take on this new wave. Looking back, 2017 was a momentous year for CounterPath. We successfully introduced...

The Cost of Acquiring Inferior Solutions

I got a call from a customer recently. He mentioned that his company was developing an application using a competitor’s SDK and now wanted to buy CounterPath's SDK.  When I asked why, it reminded...

Bria for Salesforce is Now Lightning Ready!

The CounterPath team is pleased to announce that we have released a significant update to Bria for Salesforce®. Over the past few months, Lightning support has been the number one requested...

Telepresence & The Culture of Taking Meetings Seriously

How often do you sit in a meeting with anywhere from five to 15 minutes (or more) of technical difficulty?  

Want to Offer Your Customers UC / Softphone Service? Here's What You Need to Consider

ITSPs and VoIP providers are at the forefront of communication trends in the SMB and enterprise markets, and in response to a growing shift in preference from physical handsets to software...

Stretto Platform 2.0: Client Management, Operations and Services Have Evolved

I always get excited when we’re ready to launch new software. One of the benefits of what I do at CounterPath is that I get to talk to customers, and blog about the careful thought and hard work...

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