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Join Stretto Collaboration meetings with our new Web Interface

By Team CounterPath

bria-stretto-inviteAdvanced video conferencing technology has made it possible to extend meetings beyond the typical conference room. While everyone is looking for a smoother video collaboration experience, a lot of the desktop video solutions in the market are riddled with diverse challenges — from noise distractions to interoperability barriers. 

Realizing the need for an intuitive web experience, we decided to work towards a simpler and easier interface that meets the collaboration needs of modern workspaces. As a result, we introduced the new web client interface (UI) in our Stretto Collaboration module — where we upgraded the whole virtual meeting experience to a more meaningful one, allowing for hassle-free team collaboration.  

We’ve seen more and more Bria Stretto users enjoy the rich conferencing experience, not only with other Bria Stretto participants, but also with external users. With this redesign we aimed for a smoother experience, especially for guests and new users who are using the solution for the first time. By eliminating some of the rougher flows and interactions, which are unavoidable when providing voice and video across browsers and platforms, this upgrade delivers a resilient, consistent video meeting performance. The new web client interface (UI) is available both on Bria Stretto™ and Bria Teams Pro.

Check out some of its new features:

Agony-free Device Selection

Our new device selection interface allows for easy interactions

With this design, we eliminated one of the biggest sources of friction that all new users utilizing typical web conferencing software face — the initial, clumsy and unavoidable process of getting their voice and video devices set up and working well. Every browser handles devices and device permissions a little differently; and our new device selection interface manages those differences with simpler and more flexible interactions.

We make it clear what microphone, speaker and video devices are available, how to grant permission to use those devices (a process that differs from browser to browser), and we give a visual preview of how well those devices are working before the user joins the conference and commences communication. Makes it much simpler, doesn't it?

Dynamic Panels

Expanding panels that collapse and expand as per users needs

Once the user has gotten through the device setup, the experience inside the conference room maximizes the space occupied by the video and screen share streams by providing media controls, text chat, and participant information layered over top of the live video in a set of compact, functional panels.

Each panel occupies one corner of the window, with controls for controlling devices and media in the top left, room specific messaging and events in the bottom left, participant status and controls in the top right, and a panel for previewing and selecting available video streams (such as screen share and the local video preview) in the bottom right.

Each of these panels can be collapsed into a compact view that keeps the important moment to moment information at the forefront, but gets out of the way and gives the live video and screen share room to breath. 

A Clear View

Our new Web UI has a set of compact, functional panels

As you may have often experienced, in online meeting tools, panels collapse and expand depending on the user’s need for a specific meeting or role in that meeting. But sometimes, maybe even most of the times, the varying and vital video of other participants or the screen share content should be at the forefront without any distractions or obstructions.

To accomplish this, along with a collapsed and expanded states, each of the panels can be either pinned to its respective corner or allowed to slide out of view when the mouse is idle or when the user is interacting with something outside of the session.

If the most important thing to a user is to see the participant list (sorted by their current vocal contribution to the meeting), then they can pin the participant panel to the top right while letting other panels slide out of the way of participant video or screen share. If they are active in the ongoing text chat associated with the meeting, the chat panel can be pinned with the message input focused, making it easy to compose a message without the need to manually hide and show the chat overlay. Get ready for seamless group chats during your meetings!

Get a feature-rich video collaboration experience

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You can never know until you try, right? Choosing the right video conferencing tool is critical for successful team collaboration. Our Stretto Collaboration solutions offer an integrated virtual meeting rooms with secure HD audio and video conferencing, messaging, and screen sharing within the Bria® softphone experience. If you are looking for a more adaptable and enjoyable user experience for your conference guests, get started with Bria Stretto. Contact our solutions expert today: 

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