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Introducing the Latest VoIP Softphone SDK 1.12

By John Chow

We're pleased to announce our latest Softphone SDK 1.12, available on all platforms (Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android). Among the usual bug-fixes and improvements, we also have many new exciting features.

Multi-stream call recording

A rapidly growing trend in the call center industry is call sentiment analysis. Servers using AI processing can analyze voice conversations to determine how well agents are responding to customer calls. The Softphone SDK can now be part of this solution thanks to independent multi-stream call recording. Recorded calls can now be split so that one party of the conversation is separated into one file, and the other party is in another file. These files can that be sorted for processing allowing for independent analysis.

softphone-sdk 1.8.0-blog

Improved Video performance on Desktop

We have made some improvements to video rendering on both Windows and MacOS. Video on Windows can be now rendered using DXVA-HD extensions and on MacOS using Metal APIs. Utilizing the new video rendering can reduce CPU consumption by 5-10%, and on Windows you also get sharper video scaling.

Usage-based billing

New customers looking at using the SDK have been frequently asking for a pay-as-you go model for the SDK and their applications. Starting with 1.12 we are introducing a new usage-based pricing model for more flexibility. Customers will be charged for the initial SDK delivery, and every month app instances will be charged per unique device deployed using the SDK. This will require your application to check-in with CounterPath’s Stretto server for a license check. For more details please contact CounterPath Sales.

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New Operating System Support

As always, the SDK is continually tested against new operating system releases. For SDK 1.12 we are specifically testing against iOS 14 and Android 11 for compatibility. Android developers should be aware that all apps added to the Google Play store must target API 29 or greater, which the Softphone SDK will support. Also, on the Android side we now support x86-64 architecture which allows for running of the SDK in the Android emulator making developing your application even easier.


On desktop we are also testing against the latest MacOS Big Sur and Windows 10. At this point, based on out testing o the MacOS betas, we do not at this time know of no changes for development. Once Big Sur is Generally Available we will issue a compatibility notice. Changes may occur as Apple’s beta process is not yet complete.

On Windows 10 we are now targeting Visual Studio 2017 for building applications.

Our Linux SDK is also now supporting devtoolset8 which is part of RHEL and CentOS 7.

Experimental 64-bit Windows support

This has long been requested by customers, and the Softphone SDK team is pleased to announce a 64-bit Windows compatible SDK.

SDK Product Image

Desktop Java Deprecation

CounterPath strives to maintain and improve the Softphone SDK to the best of our ability, which means we must make decisions at times to drop old and unused projects. With 1.12 we are deprecating the Java wrapper for desktop due to low usage. Java will still be available in SDK 1.12 but will not be getting the 64-bit Windows support. In addition, we intend to remove desktop Java support on April 30th, 2021 We recommend Java users to explore our other supported frameworks like .NET or Xamarin.

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As always, current SDK customers can visit our Technical Assistance Center and request an updated build. If you're new to CounterPath and would like more information on our softphone SDK, or any of our UC solutions:




John Chow

About John Chow

John Chow is a Jr. Product Manager and formerly Windows Application Developer at CounterPath. He previously helped build X-Lite and Bria, and now manages many products under the CounterPath umbrella. He also sometimes writes about how CounterPath is making the VoIP world a better place.