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How Instant Messaging Can Change Your Company’s Culture

By Team CounterPath

The numbers are staggering. eMarketer reported that 1.4 billion people use a mobile messaging app. It is believed that this number will continue to increase to 2 billion by the time 2018 comes around.

Common notions about instant messaging immediately bring images involving teenagers, emojis and selfies. However, instant messaging has considerably wider applications beyond personal use. Instant messaging can be implemented on desktop applications as well as mobile devices.Benefits IM Culture

The powerful ability to add real-time communications to everyday business interactions is the key factor that has turned the heads of business leaders and pique their interest about deploying instant messaging in their organizations.

The current workforce landscape is also paving the way towards increased adoption for instant messaging in the workplace. The addition of remote workers, freelance contractors, and flexible working hours continue to pose challenges for managers of results-driven teams that focus on productivity, motivation, and producing results.

Instant messaging is an ideal tool to help accomplish just that. Here are three changes in corporate culture driven by the implementation of an instant messaging solution.

Results-driven mentality


When looking to accomplish a task and continue to move progress of a project, email is not the best tool for the job. Instant messaging is a medium that encourages users to be brief and stay focused.

More importantly, it encourages faster responses that allow the team to minimize any potential bottle-necks that would delay the progress

Open Communication

Participants of project-based instant messaging threads have equal opportunity to chime in with their ideas, feedback, questions or concerns. There is an element of empowerment to group members that encourages an open flow of communication directly related to the task at hand.

Open and transparent communication encourages accountability among the team and, as a result, it increases the level of investment in the project. Instant messaging also provides an open forum where a job well done can be praised and recognized. This can give a big boost towards increasing team morale.

Equal inclusion

You hear the story time and time again. When your team is comprised of remote and “local” team members, it can be challenging to make everyone feel included and on the same page. Oftentimes the staff members not located in the central office feel left out or are missing valuable information exchanged when their peers chat in the office.

Instant messaging instantly enables every member of a team to interact whether they are sitting next to each other iron opposite sides of the country. It is harnessing the power of the internet to its maximum capacity.

The adoption of instant messaging in the workplace can have important and positive changes in any organization’s culture. It will help keep everyone focused on the project at hand, help improve team morale, and increase collaboration.

Team CounterPath

About Team CounterPath

CounterPath Corporation is a leading provider of innovative desktop and mobile VoIP software products and solutions. The company's product suite includes SIP-based softphones, server based user experience management and UC solutions that enable service providers, enterprises and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to cost-effectively integrate voice, video, presence, Instant Messaging (IM) and collaboration applications into their VoIP offerings and extend functionality across both fixed and mobile networks.

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