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Guest Post: Unified Communications Essential in the Next Evolution of Enterprise Computing

By Team CounterPath

We are excited to share with you a guest post by our latest partner, Teradici. Our companies recently announced a joint solution that promises to fill a huge gap of VoIP support in DaaS / VDI solutions and address the growing market demand for these services by enterprise customers.

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Unified Communications Essential in the Next Evolution of Enterprise Computing






   By Randy Groves, CTO, Teradici


Many technology commentators predicted 2014 was going to be the Year of DaaS (Desktop as a Service). So far this prediction appears to be right on the money with Amazon Web Services launching Amazon WorkSpaces and VMware launching Horizon DaaS within the last six months. This momentum isn’t surprising as shifting enterprise desktops into the cloud is an inevitable next step in the evolution of enterprise computing.

DaaS momentum has also led many enterprises to reevaluate VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), which has led to overall growth in the desktop virtualization industry. VDI and DaaS solutions solve a number of pain points for enterprise IT, simplifying management, enhancing employee mobility and reducing hardware costs. When deployed with PCoIP Zero Clients, these solutions become ultra secure, high performance services that offer fast and rich end-user experiences.

Teradici PCoIP technology has become the industry standard for the emerging DaaS market as it enables virtual desktops to be delivered to endpoint devices via pixels (not data). No data leaves the data center and none is stored on the local device, making it an ultra secure model for the enterprise.

The only capability that’s been missing from VDI/DaaS solutions running Zero Clients has been unified communications functionality. But, this is where CounterPath comes in….

This week we announced a partnership with CounterPath that will bring unified communications capabilities to PCoIP Zero Clients, giving organizations all the benefits of secure, simple to manage, cost effective, high-performance computing, while also enjoying all the benefits of CounterPath’s leading unified communications technology.

The joint solution will alleviate computing resources by off-loading delay-sensitive VoIP traffic from the data center and routing calls directly between callers, reducing latency and improving voice quality. The end result will be a more efficient, scalable, and cost effective solution.

The CounterPath Bria softphone is a robust solution that can be leveraged by customers deploying a broad range of UC solutions including Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya, Broadsoft, Cisco, Metaswitch Networks and Mitel, for voice, messaging, presence, contacts and social media

For customers with existing Tera2 Zero Clients, it’s a simple firmware update available later this year; customers must also purchase a special version of CounterPath’s UC client that is optimized to run in a virtualized cloud environment.

There are one and a half million PCoIP Zero Client devices being used currently, and we expect this number to grow substantially as VDI and DaaS solutions become more commonplace in enterprise IT. Providing our customers with a leading unified communications product that can scale to meet their needs is critical to ensure a smooth transition to VDI and DaaS environments.

We invite you to learn more about Teradici PCoIP Zero Clients, and visit:

You can also keep connected with us on the following social media channels:

Twitter: @Teradici


Team CounterPath

About Team CounterPath

CounterPath Corporation is a leading provider of innovative desktop and mobile VoIP software products and solutions. The company's product suite includes SIP-based softphones, server based user experience management and UC solutions that enable service providers, enterprises and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to cost-effectively integrate voice, video, presence, Instant Messaging (IM) and collaboration applications into their VoIP offerings and extend functionality across both fixed and mobile networks.

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