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5 Tips for First-Time Managers

By Team CounterPath

leader Becoming a manager can be intimidating.

Congratulations! Your hard work has finally paid off and you've deservedly become the leader of a group of professionals. Perhaps you're a seasoned leader or maybe this is the first time you've been given the task of managing a team. Either way, exciting times are ahead!

If you're a first-time manager, don't worry. You are more than capable of doing the job. All you need is confidence and some experience. Here are a few tips to help you manage a team effectively.


When starting a new role, preparation is key. Immerse yourself in as much information as you can: the company, its products, its values, its mission statement, and its overall vision, among other things. Demonstrate commitment and knowledge in your early interactions with your new team, as this will go a long way in creating a good first impression.

commnunicator Take the time to prepare effectively for your interactions with your team.


As a new leader, the temptation to come in and start changing things right out the gate is high. This is not always the best idea. Perhaps your new team could use a few speedy changes or maybe the dynamics of the team work well, so only minor tweaks are needed. In order for you to determine the best course of action, group and individual meetings with staff are absolutely necessary. Listen to your team. It is worth your time.


An effective manager rarely micromanages. Most people feel motivated when they are trusted to perform their job without their boss looking over their shoulder 24/7. By empowering your team not only are you trusting in their abilities to do their jobs, but you're also effectively freeing up your own time to deal with your other important duties.

Showing a coworker something Empowering your employees will make your job easier.



Oftentimes, employees find it frustrating when their superiors are unable to convey their messages effectively. Make sure that your leadership style is one characterized by not only knowing what to say, but also how to effectively communicate that message.


Employees will look to you for direction. They will come to you for answers. Make sure that you develop the ability to make timely and firm decisions. A leader who is hesitant to make decisions loses the confidence of his or her team. You will make mistakes, no doubt about that, but you must learn from those mistakes in order to move forward.

Becoming a new manager isn't always a walk in the park. However, the hard work is often rewarded. Remember to keep your confidence intact. You are where you are because you've earned it!

Team CounterPath

About Team CounterPath

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