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Enhancing Practicality with Bria

By Rahim Rehmat

I’ve been at CounterPath for more than 12 years in various roles. We're not only developing software for real-time collaborative communications, but we embrace it to conduct our everyday business. We are constantly testing our software to make sure we continue to build on previous releases. In my current role as VP of Client Development, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with highly capable developers across the globe. It’s no secret that today's businesses depend on employees working together in different offices, including some individuals working remotely. In these situations, it is easy for information to get trapped in silos. At CounterPath, our Bria software combined with our Stretto platform offers a communication experience that breaks down these silos. It allows employees to be in touch with each other and their teams using a rich set of communication options, anywhere at any time. Whether it is a one-on-one chat or group chat, Bria can easily facilitate conversations through voice, video and screen share which enhance the level of team collaboration. With the team located in different offices not to mention several remote workers spanning multiple cities across the globe covering many time zones, it is vital for the team to be in constant communication with each other.

I use Bria daily across multiple devices and operating systems, allowing me to connect with team members from anywhere, on any network. We strive to create high quality, reliable and highly-usable communication software which is important for any business that wants to stay competitive in today's global economy. On a typical day, I use Bria mobile on my commute into the office to call or send messages. Being able to jump on a call or bridge with HD audio is awesome! Bria coupled with powerful features leveraging our Stretto server platform offers seamless provisioning of clients, (don't need to waste time with configuration), presence, (efficiently communicate and see who is online) and message synch across all my devices just to name a few. This combination allows me to easily connect to whomever I need to.

During my commute, I typically take Bria calls on my iPhone and Android devices. Bria easily connects to Bluetooth devices, providing flexibility when I'm on the bus sporting my trusty AirPods.

Additionally, I'm often in my car using a hands-free Bluetooth speaker. It's important for users to be able to use their devices without wasting time in configuration. Bria enables this - it just works!

 At CounterPath, we’re constantly prioritizing the user experience. From simple things like being able to share a recording to offering capabilities such as split-screen support on mobile, which power users or road warriors will genuinely appreciate. In addition, paying attention to user experience also includes freeing the user from worrying about things such as changing network conditions. For example, the call continuity feature in our core underlying SDK (which by the way is the foundation for all of our Bria clients) allows me to remain on the call as I am still getting set up in the office. This is possible because Bria takes care of handling the network transition from cellular to WiFi.

Upon reaching my desk, the flexibility increases. I can then switch to either a Windows or macOS desktop version of Bria without dropping the call.  After moving the call to my desktop application, I can easily share my screen and upgrade to a video call with 1080p HD video. I tend to switch between my USB headset and my handy Jabra speakerphone interchangeably while I’m at the office. By leveraging our core SDK, Bria handles device detection seamlessly across all OS platforms. Device integration is something we take seriously and since I personally use it all the time, it allows me to perform common call control directly from the speakerphone or headset.

Bria lets me focus on the task at hand by enabling network switching seamlessly and moving calls from mobile to desktop. I can't understate how much I rely on these core features to do my job. Bria coupled with Stretto is a natural fit for reliable and secure team communications, especially as the number of remote workers continues to grow. I'm happy to say that at CounterPath, we are putting Bria through its paces, continually striving for success.

Rahim Rehmat

About Rahim Rehmat

Rahim Rehmat is the Vice President of Client Engineering for CounterPath and is responsible for the development of the company’s desktop and mobile softphone applications deployed to millions of end points. With over 10 years at CounterPath, Rahim is passionate about working with the talented engineering team as well as customers to help provide the best VoIP applications in the industry. Rahim helped launch a VoIP application to customers around the world including Rogers, 8x8, Telmex and Genesys.

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