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Emerging Trends in the Unified Communications Industry

By Team CounterPath
Man and woman in office
Unified communication platforms are gaining popularity.

The rise of data consumption from cloud services, along with the adoption and proliferation of video as the primary form of media on the web, is increasing interest in unified communications platforms.

The concept of Unified-Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) continues to grow, evolve and mature. Enterprises are looking more towards hybrid consumption models that are able to seamlessly integrate with legacy systems while introducing new online platforms. This has become a key factor for companies looking for a solution that allows them to have the best of both worlds.

Mobile Solutions

Keeping users in mind will continue to be instrumental in the success of any application. As users continue to flock towards mobile, the usability and overall user experience in mobile devices will make or break mobile applications. Usability have to become the epicenter of any UC solution.

Woman on phone
The prevalence of mobile phones has enabled UC.

Global Collaboration

The transformational change in the way enterprises conduct business, both internally and externally, require for them to be able to communicate and collaborate with different parties across countries, and in many cases, around the globe. UCaaS providers continue to produce platforms that attempt to marry communication and collaboration in a seamless way. Those who are able to master this challenge will prevail.

With the world shrinking into a true global village, companies find themselves developing borderless business plans. “The global impact of an engagement-led enterprise is a new reality of convergence that enables secure borderless businesses. Further, open, scalable platforms, tools and applications inspire cooperative competition among vendors and partners. This in turn, creates collaborative ecosystems for elevating the value of individual contributions by contributing to effective team outcomes. The engagement-led enterprise complements how customers and employees already interact and collaborate,” says Arun Shetty, Director of Collaboration Solutions of Avaya.

Girl with headset
UC facilitates global collaboration.

The Rise of the Video Age

Businesses continue to look for creative and effective ways to integrate video into both their business processes and customer interactions. Video-based collaboration allows for brands to create deeper and more meaningful connections with their stakeholders.

“Businesses are beginning to offer a true ‘omni-channel’ support experience to customers and are seamlessly providing service via the customers’ choice of voice, video, web chat, email and mobile channels. As a result, customers are self-selecting channels based on personal preferences. Even as video gains momentum as a high-touch channel, companies will continue to use web chat as the relatively low-expense way to initiate the customer experience from a web site, to triage that experience and to direct customers to other support resources and tools,” Shetty adds.