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Data Analytics and the Stretto™ Platform

By Vijay Vivekanandan

When making decisions on which UC or softphone client to use, one aspect that commonly gets overlooked is the data analytics available from that client.  Why should data analytics play a part in the decision-making process of a softphone? Well it all comes back to value. This past decade has shown the immense value in data analytics, especially big data. According to Forbes, 53 percent of companies were using such analytics in 2017, up from 17 percent in 2015.  Of these companies, those within the telecom and financial services industries had the fastest adoption.[i] Data has become the cornerstone of the modern economy, equipping market leaders with a significant advantage over competitors, bringing machine learning and AI terminology into mainstream vocabulary.

sai-kiran-anagani-61187Big data is becoming increasingly more valuable.

So, what can be gained from data analytics in the UC space? Firstly, we see it as a chance to equip IT admins with knowledge from the endpoint. Where VoIP platforms and network probes provide valuable data about the communications channel at various points in the network, data from the endpoints gives us additional perspective on what the user is experiencing. This is the reason our Stretto™ platform has the User Experience Metrics (UEM) module. The UEM module incorporates both call and voice analytics which provide insights into service quality, user behaviour and usage patterns. Using data collected from Bria clients, Stretto displays the raw data or compiles the aggregate data into easy-to-navigate dashboards containing charts and graphs. Alternatively, for even further analysis using external tools, Stretto allows the export of the data in various forms.

Stretto Analytics 4Reports generated by the UEM module.

Voice analytics or voice quality monitoring provides essential data including Mean Option Score (MOS) trends, packet delay, packet loss, burst/gap loss, jitter rates and call volume. This data enables operations and support staff to proactively monitor and pinpoint voice quality issues in the network, as well as accurately measure historical voice quality trends. Call analytics provide another resource of data including client versions, device types, device operating systems, number of calls over Wi-Fi vs. cellular data, and HD audio/video usage. This data helps IT admins understand how up-to-date their users in the field are with regards to devices and versions, as well as how their UC deployment is being leveraged. In the increasingly BYOD environment that enterprises are welcoming, having another avenue of data to justify the ROI on an entire UC deployment is key.

To learn more about Stretto and its management tools, please visit our product page.

Vijay Vivekanandan

About Vijay Vivekanandan

Vijay joined CounterPath in 2008 and is a Product Manager for several products and services including Stretto. He brings over 15 years of extensive knowledge and passion for all things VoIP and UC, across fixed and mobile networks. Vijay holds an MBA in Strategic Management, MASc in Wireless Communications and a BASc in Electrical Engineering from the University of British Columbia.

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