CounterPath Scholarship 2015 winner Taylor Herzog

By Team CounterPath


Over the past weeks, the scholarship team here at CounterPath reviewed a plethora of applications and we are now proud to announce that the winner of our 2015 CounterPath $1,000 tuition scholarship is Taylor Herzog. Congratulations Taylor!

Taylor is a student at Montana Tech where he is currently completing a degree in Professional and Technical Communications. When asked why he made this selection, Taylor stated “I wanted to make a difference in the way that people understand technical information, and I also want to be able to use my art skills practically. I think communications is one of the best ways to do that because everybody needs to create good software products in today’s technological world, but also create them visually beautiful.”

Taylor knows that as a member of a younger generation of professionals, he has the responsibility of continuing to drive innovation forward. “My generation has a big job to do in continuing technological innovation. Never before has technology been so accessible to the public. It is today that technology is shaping the future of business, and other industries for an unknown future. My generation must learn how to make technology work for new innovative markets and my generation must teach others how to use these technologies well in order to survive in future economies. We are literally creating the new global economy for many generations to come.”

We couldn’t be happier to help Taylor to continue his studies and, because of the success of our 2015 scholarship program, we will be awarding another scholarship in 2016.

Taylor has a message to all the students interested in applying to our scholarship. “To apply for a scholarship is a great privilege. In your fight to make it through school and through your own endeavors, it is great to know that there are people willing to help! To apply for scholarships isn’t too hard and it can be incredibly beneficial to your own success. I would encourage everybody to apply for this scholarship. It not only helped me, but also helped my family out with finances this semester. Thank you CounterPath for the wonderful opportunity!”

Here you can find more about our 2016 CounterPath Scholarship.

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