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CounterPath Recognized for Best Unified Communications Solution by TMT News

By Team CounterPath

TMT News highlights key players and individuals making great strides in the business world – specifically, how their technology bridges the fields of communication and innovation. CounterPath is absolutely thrilled to have been named amongst other industry innovators as creators of the “Best Unified Communications Solution: Stretto Platform™.”

The awards process kicks off with TMT News’ subscriber base of over 82,000 members who nominate an individual and/or company for awards recognition. Speaking about the programme, Kaven Cooper, Awards Coordinator, stated: “The technology industry is a vital aspect of our lives, and those who work within it are responsible for the livelihoods of thousands, if not millions, of people who depend upon their products for their business and personal lives. As such I am proud to recognise our deserving winners, and would like to wish them every success going forward.”

We want to thank TMT News and our voters for putting our unified communications solutions on the global stage, and we’d like to extend our congratulations to all the other winners – Avaya, Airtel, Apple Inc., Microsoft Corporation, Mitel, SingTel, and more.

A big thanks also go to our hardworking teams located across the globe for their passion and dedication in creating technology products that continue to be admired in a rapidly changing UC industry.

Learn more about Stretto Platform™ here.

Read TMT News’ official announcement and check out the full list of winners.

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