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Bria Push Makes Bria Stretto Even Better

By Jim O'Brien

Bria Stretto Now even better, Bria push notifications.

I’ve talked about push solutions for our customers quite a bit lately. With that in mind, can anyone guess what I’m going to talk about today?

We have worked over the past few months on the push solution, which we recently deployed for our Bria Mobile customers.  Although there has been early success with user experience improvements, we continue to work closely with both our customers and beta testing community to identify opportunities for ongoing enhancements. We’ve had great success in being able to offer our retail customers a solution to the more aggressive application and power management that we’ve seen on both the iOS and Android platforms. All of this has moved us to a point where we’re ready to be pushier than ever before. Needless to say: we’re not done yet.

We are excited to announce that Bria Push is now also available for our Bria Stretto customers. We have included support for Bria Push in the Bria Stretto subscription service offering at no additional cost or increase in licensing fees. We haven’t raised the price to accommodate this. There are also no limitations on how many users can take advantage of the service. We’ve completed the configuration changes that make Bria Stretto customer group ready, so that administrators subscribed to the service can turn on Bria Push today.

Bria Stretto is a service offering that brings Bria to all client platforms and Stretto management services. We offer this service to customers either directly or  through our channel partners. The service enables employees from thousands of businesses and organizations to connect  on any device with any SIP service. Bria Stretto has become the best offering for many organizations looking to add mobility, access and all the other services Bria and Stretto offer. Most importantly Bria Stretto is a curated service offering that puts control in the hands of the IT teams, without the need to publish and manage their own client releases.

For the Bria Stretto approach to Push we’re giving all the control to our customer administrators. Bria Push is available, but disabled by default. Customer administrators can enable Bria Push for some or all of their end users through the Stretto administrative interface. Each end users who subsequently logs into their client (or logs out and logs back in) is setup for push notifications going forward. For more information please log in to your TAC account and review the knowledge base article we’ve posted about Bria Push for Bria Stretto customers.

A call-to-action for our customers

Bria Push makes Bria better.  We’re excited to have many of our  customers enabled with Bria Push.  If you are one of our channel partners who supports customers using Bria Stretto, or if you are an IT team supporting end users using Bria Push, please turn on this new feature today in order to enable it for your end users tomorrow.  

For more information on how the service works, view our documentation. Additionally, please contact our support team if you have any questions.


Jim O'Brien

About Jim O'Brien

Jim O’Brien is the Vice President of Server Engineering for CounterPath and directs his team in architecting, building and supporting server solutions that work closely with CounterPath softphone applications. Jim designed, launched, and supported wholesale and enterprise VoIP networks for GTE, Genuity, and Level(3). Jim joined CounterPath with the acquisition of BridgePort Networks in 2008.

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