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Bria Loves Android Pie

By Damian Wallace

Recently, the Android Dev team announced the long-awaited release of Android P (named Pie). At the same time, over-the-air (OTA) updates began being delivered to Google’s Pixel devices. Upstart essential also pushed out its OTA update the same day. This was a hopeful sign that updates on the Android platform may no longer take months to roll out.

You might think the lack of notice would have been a major panic for us, but it was a relatively uneventful day at CounterPath. We’ve been developing against the various betas of Android for many months, and have been updating the client to make sure it would be ready for Pie. The current editions of Bria X, Bria Mobile and Bria Stretto are all supported when running under Android Pie. 
Just a little factoid: Bria is run on over 10,000 different versions of Android devices, and with Android P coming out we can expect this to grow significantly. CounterPath now supports Android devices running Version 4.4 (Kit Kat) to Version 9.0 (Pie)!   

This wide range of supported devices and versions allows our customers to easily keep on top of the Android ecosystem, and to focus on building its solution rather than re-engineering. One of the comments we hear often from prospects evaluating our enterprise, service provider and SDK solutions is that the Android ecosystem can be extremely challenging for them. They have let us know just how much they appreciate how easy we make supporting Android.

How we do this? With a lot of hard work behind the scenes. Unlike some other companies, we have a dedicated team of CounterPathians, designers, developers and QA staff, who focus solely on our Android apps.  We run a full-time beta program, with dedicated staff to deal with any reported issues. We also maintain a pool of current and older devices for the purpose of testing releases, rather than using emulators. Switching to a subscription model last year enabled us to dedicate this level of resources to supporting our subscribers.       

So, whether you are using a smartphone, tablet, Chromebook or another Android-embedded device like Zebra, Honeywell, or Panasonic, or you need to add voice, video and messaging to your company’s app, we have a tested and proven solution for you, backed by our Android team.  

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Damian Wallace

About Damian Wallace

Damian brings 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, product management, product marketing, business development, and R&D to CounterPath. He has in-depth knowledge and experience working with leading cellular and wireless network operators globally. Prior to joining CounterPath, Damian held executive roles at several public companies, and founded several companies. Damian is a Founding Director of the BC Product Management Association. He is also a Mentor member of the ProductBC Mentor Program and has served as an organizer for ProductCamp Vancouver since 2013.

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