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Bria Desktop Softphones become standard for Cloud Contact Center Solutions Provider

By Team CounterPath

VaaS Call Center CounterPath

Today we are happy to announce that one of our customers, a leading cloud contact center solutions provider has standardized on its customized version of CounterPath’s Bria desktop softphone.

So, how is this important, you may be asking? Well, this standardization means that our client is convinced that our Bria softphone is the best in the market and a great softphone for business. So convinced in fact that their customers will no longer be able to implement their own softphone with their services.

Our Bria softphones have not presented the same reliability, security and support challenges that other softphones have posed in the past. The standardization is also a reflection of the flexibility, agility, and scalability of CounterPath’s products.

“This standardization announcement showcases not only the strength of our Bria desktop client, but how custom branding can create a unique, value-adding solution for specific use cases like contact centers,” said Todd Carothers, our Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

“With DMG Consulting LLC projecting seats for cloud-based contact center infrastructure to grow by 25% in 2016 and 2017, and 20% in 2018 and 2019, we see further opportunity for these types of solutions not only with this customer but to the market in general.”


That momentum has come as a result of several different factors. The industry as a whole continues to make great progress in terms of innovation, creativity and technology. Vendors are able to deliver up to 99.99% reliability rates. Finally, while adoption has been driven primarily by the financial services sector, the global demand for cloud-based private branch exchange (PBX) and contact center solutions has opened up tremendous opportunities for other industries to join in.

For example, for a medium size company who would like to expand its presence to different countries around the globe, a cloud-based contact center infrastructure solution would allow them to have a virtual presence in any country they want without hiring resources and dealing with local telephony systems. That power and flexibility will be crucial in continuing to drive demand up.


CounterPath and our cloud contact center solution client started to work together back in 2010 when they needed and IP softphone that could leverage all the benefits provided by their robust cloud technology while providing high-quality voice and encryption.

In addition, they needed a softphone that was able to provide their contact center agents with a user interface that helped them remain focused and that had powerful security settings to minimize user errors. Our engineering team got to work and we produced a customized and re-branded version of our Bria desktop softphone. We kept our standard HD voice quality and we increased our security features to meet our client’s demands.

The result? Our client was delighted and were able to increase productivity among their contact center agents. They were so happy that now Bria has been chosen as the only client they will use

Here is our original press release.

Team CounterPath

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