Blog Team

CounterPath’s team of blog writers come from a variety of areas within the company. From Sales and Marketing to Product Development and Engineering, we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise among our employees.

Todd Carothers

Todd Carothers is the Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at CounterPath and oversees all Product Marketing, Management and Marketing Communications initiatives. Growing up in Silicon Valley and having witnessed the technical marvels coming out of Xerox PARC (where his dad was a patent attorney) Todd developed a deep passion for the high-tech industry. With a particular interest in Internet and mobile applications, Todd eventually found himself within the massive Telecommunications sector and companies that were on the leading edge of new services that added significant value to operators worldwide.

Michael Doyle

Michael Doyle is the Vice President of Technology at CounterPath and is responsible for patents and exploiting Intellectual Property. He has served on corporate Intellectual Property committees, co-authored several patent applications and was previously CTO and co-founder at Ubiquity Software Corporation which was acquired by Avaya Inc. for $145M.

2012 - Bruce Ford Headshot - blogsizeBruce Ford

As Vice President of Product Management, Bruce is responsible for defining CounterPath’s product strategies across all mobile, tablet and desktop products and solutions and driving these programs to commercialization. Bruce brings 25 years of experience in product management, marketing, business development, research and development, and operations to CounterPath, with in-depth knowledge and experience working with leading cellular and fixed network operators globally.

2013_JimOBrien_4x5Jim O’Brien

Jim O’Brien is the Vice President of Server Engineering for CounterPath and directs his team in architecting, building and supporting server solutions that work closely with CounterPath softphone applications. Jim designed, launched, and supported wholesale and enterprise VoIP networks for GTE, Genuity, and Level(3).  Jim joined CounterPath with the acquisition of BridgePort Networks in 2008.


John Chow

John is Windows desktop app developer at CounterPath. He helped Develop Bria 3 through Bria 5 and every other Windows app in between. He also sometimes writes about how CounterPath is making the VoIP world a better place.



Susie Monyo

Susie is currently the Social Media Specialist at CounterPath and the curator of the company blog. She is an engaging storyteller who is passionate about working with innovative technologies. As a compelling content creator, she is always eager to learn and share information about the latest solutions. Susie manages all of CounterPath’s social channels and always finds new ways to fuse pop culture and the world of technology.


Jeremy Geras

Jeremy Geras is a Principal Engineer and Architect with the Client Engineering team at CounterPath.  As the technical lead, he is responsible for the core signalling, media, and services layer upon which CounterPath’s client and SDK products are based.  As a member of CounterPath’s Research & Innovation team, Jeremy is actively engaged in developing new ideas and prototypes for CounterPath client and server products.  Jeremy has been working with VoIP technologies for over 15 years, and joined CounterPath in 2007.