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Hiring, Human resources

5 Benefits of Team Collaboration

By Team CounterPath

Today’s blog contributor is Amber Fraser, Director, People and Culture at CounterPath.

With more than ten years of HR experience, I have observed a distinct pattern in recruitment. The most effective and confident leaders lean on a collaborative approach to hiring team members. Collaboration during the interview process leads to successful onboarding and longer retention.

team Teamwork makes the dream work.

 Including more team members (cross-functionally and at different levels) in the hiring process is crucial. In addition to providing a well-rounded perspective of the available candidates, it also allows those involved to see how the position will relate to others within the organization.

Here are the top 5 benefits of team collaboration during the hiring process.

  1. Diversity of viewpoints 
    • With team collaboration, you get a wide-range of perspectives about a candidate and each individual’s understanding of the expectations of the role.
  2. A diminished tendency to hire the wrong candidate
    • Having multiple people in the hiring process helps identify potential problems with a candidate early on. This can significantly improve the chances of a great culture fit.
  3. The potential hire can better make their decision
    • Interviewing candidates can make more thorough evaluations of their fit with the team by meeting more than one person at the company.
  4. Collaboration leads to better onboarding
    • When the people around you are involved in team member selection, they feel responsible for the success of that hire. You get more "buy-in". This sense of accountability makes them want to help train and support the new employee.
  5. Collaboration reinforces culture   
    • It builds a culture of transparency, feedback and the knowledge that each voice is heard and valued. Fostering this sense of community attracts and retains top talent.

When you hire collaboratively, you can create a more engaging, culturally-fulfilling process with more credibility in the long run.

Team collaboration is enhanced when cross-functional teams are involved in the hiring process.

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