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4 Ways To Become a Better Communicator

By Team CounterPath

Unified Communications (UC) facilitates the transmission of messages from one user to another. What UC can’t do is improve your skills as a communicator. Effective communicators often make the best leaders.

Most people consider themselves pretty good at communicating. However, in reality, people often overestimate their own communication skills. This is because as we get to know each other, assumptions start being made. We can easily think the other party knows us well and that they understand the meaning of what's being said, leading to all sorts of problems.

Here are our top four tips for becoming a better communicator.

Keep it intimate

Leaders must often address large groups of people. Regardless of the actual number of people you are speaking to, it is very important to make the group feel as if they are being referred to on a one-on-one basis. That level of intimacy, combined with being genuine and exuding an appropriate level of energy, will create engagement from the audience and will help them accept and process your message better.

Be concise

It's true that attention spans are now dramatically shorter than in years past. However, the truth is that from the beginning of time, the best communicators have been able to make their points effectively without rambling on. Get to the meaty part fast, while you have everyone’s attention.

Benefits IM Culture Being quick and to the point will allow your message to be better absorbed.

Listen for feedback

Communication is as much talking as it is listening. It is important to give opportunities for people to share their ideas. It's not always about having the last word in an interaction. Fostering a culture of open communication will not only improve morale but it will enrich the quality of conversations and ideas stemming from them.

Observe your audience

When talking to people, it's always important to read body language. After all, a vast majority of communication is non-verbal. Is your audience fidgeting or looking bored? Maybe it is time to switch gears and re-engage them. Or perhaps they are looking for an opportunity to interject and it is time for you to given them a chance to speak? Being able to identify these opportunities will provide you with a major boost in your communication skills.

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