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Todd Carothers

About Todd Carothers

Todd Carothers is the Executive Vice President of Marketing and Products at CounterPath and oversees Product Management and Marketing initiatives. Growing up in Silicon Valley and having witnessed the technical marvels coming out of Xerox PARC (where his dad was a patent attorney) Todd developed a deep passion for the high-tech industry. With a particular interest in Internet and mobile applications, Todd eventually found himself within the massive Telecommunications sector and companies that were on the leading edge of new services that added significant value to operators worldwide.

Recent Posts

Communication Re-imagined: Top Unified Communications Trends and Predictions Coming in 2014

With 2014 around the corner, it’s time to look ahead at the Unified Communications (UC) industry and predict the overall industry will move over the next twelve months across Operator and Enterprise...

CounterPath Expands Enterprise Offering

Last week CounterPath announced a global distribution agreement with Arrow S3 – a division Arrow Electronics, Inc., a supply channel partner who has over 120,000 original equipment manufacturers,...

Beta Connects X-Lite Users in the Cloud

Today CounterPath released a beta version of a unique cloud-based offering that turns the population of X-Lite users into a unified community.

The New Frontier In Softphones--It's About the Endpoints not the Softphone.

Yes, I said it. Softphones are really passé. They are a thing of the past. It's all about endpoints that are device shiftable. Some are getting this subtle but salient point but most are not. Let me...

The Evolution of X-Lite is Creating a Revolution of Over-The-Top (OTT) Services

X-Lite, our free softphone product, is known worldwide as the leading VoIP endpoint. It has been downloaded millions of times and connects people across the globe. Many of the features and direction...

Cavorting in the Cloud: A CounterPath Perspective on Microsoft's Acquisition of Skype

As most of us read this week, Microsoft announced an $8.5 billion dollar bid for Skype.  Rumors had started swirling last week that Facebook and Google had their eyes on Skype, then over the weekend...

Convergence Is Dead, Long Live Convergence

Due to my involvement in services convergence for the past decade, I receive a lot of questions from prospects, customers, partners, press, analysts and fellow industry colleagues on my take on the...