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Damian Wallace

About Damian Wallace

Damian brings 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, product management, product marketing, business development, and R&D to CounterPath. He has in-depth knowledge and experience working with leading cellular and wireless network operators globally. Prior to joining CounterPath, Damian held executive roles at several public companies, and founded several companies. Damian is a Founding Director of the BC Product Management Association. He is also a Mentor member of the ProductBC Mentor Program and has served as an organizer for ProductCamp Vancouver since 2013.

Recent Posts

Chromebooks – Maximizing Bria for Your Organization

I’m happy to report that on Bria for Android, we officially support Chromebooks.  Chromebooks are supported for use with Bria Solo, Bria Teams and Bria Enterprise!

Bria Loves Android Pie

Recently, the Android Dev team announced the long-awaited release of Android P (named Pie). At the same time, over-the-air (OTA) updates began being delivered to Google’s Pixel devices. Upstart...

Take Your UC to the Next Level with VQmon & Analytics

Recently CounterPath introduced the Stretto User Experience Metrics Module.  As part of the team here at CounterPath that worked so hard to create this module, I’d like to explain why we think this...