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Adding Bulk Contacts to Bria Teams

By John Chow

Our customers appreciate how easy the Bria Teams web platform is for setting up their own SIP voice service for managing users and their extensions. Not only that, our users are pleasantly surprised that now their SIP extension has presence, team messaging, as well as a full featured conference room with virtual meeting rooms in Bria Teams Pro. As teams has expanded its userbase, to sometimes hundreds of users at a time, we have received many requests for a faster way to build out team members. Today Bria Teams is announcing a new bulk user creation function.

Bria Teams Large device group Rooms

We will continue to support the existing method of growing teams by sending invites to team members via email. These users can be managed one at a time from your admin dashboard, to configure their individual SIP extensions and contact details. While simple and clear, this method can be tedious for adding many users to a team. The bulk member creation feature simplifies this process by using your favourite spreadsheet application.

When an admin has created a SIP server for the team to use, a Bulk Member Creation button will appear on the Team Members management page. bulk creation 1



Clicking this button will start the wizard to guide the admin in creating their new set of members.

bulk creation 2

The first step will guide the admin to download a .CSV file used for creating your team members. The .CSV will be pre-populated with column headers for specifying all the relevant info for each user. This CSV file will be customized with all the configured SIP servers on the team, as well as showing any columns that are required for registering an account on the server, and hiding any not required (eg. Authorization name is sometimes required for servers). The Admin can now simply open this .CSV in a spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel, and create users on every row. Upload this spreadsheet, and the portal will validate and process the .CSV file, and your team is ready to go.

bulkcreation 3

An additional benefit to using the Bulk Member Creation tool is that user passwords can now be pre-defined by an admin, eliminating the need for the users to accept an invite. This can be extremely useful in large teams and organizations where Bria is an essential part of your IT and passwords are distributed separately. Users will immediately be sent a welcome email and can login with their credentials sent separately by the admin. As always, Bria Teams users can change their password from their own web dashboard.

We hope this latest addition to Bria Teams will help your team grow at the speed of your business.

For more detailed instructions, watch our video on how to add team members:

Be sure to also check out this one on how to add voice accounts:

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John Chow

About John Chow

John Chow is a Jr. Product Manager and formerly Windows Application Developer at CounterPath. He previously helped build X-Lite and Bria, and now manages many products under the CounterPath umbrella. He also sometimes writes about how CounterPath is making the VoIP world a better place.