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A Telco Slice of the OTT Future: Rogers One Number Banks on Service Innovation

By Team CounterPath

The following is the second in a 3 part series by CounterPath on innovations in Operator OTT communications. Visit us at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, March 2nd - 5th, to learn how to harness the benefits of Operator OTT for your business. Read part 1 here.

Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp have a few things in common; mass take-up, system agnostic, ease of use and the big one, they’re free. It’s no wonder users have flocked to these services in their millions.RON Guy Image_sm

And they’ve done so, unsurprisingly in hindsight, at the expense of traditional voice and text offered by operators. The platform has changed, but users are still chatting and messaging in droves; Whatsapp announced more than 700 million monthly active users in January this year, up from over 400 million in December 2013.

But instead of standing still and mourning the lucrative past, there’s no reason why operators can’t innovate themselves; invent and build genuinely new services, create real value and relevance for consumers, and take their share of where the market is now headed. And Rogers, Canada’s largest mobile communications provider with over 10 million voice and data subscribers, is an example of an operator that has done just that…

With increasingly mobile subscribers, demanding simple, easy integration between services and the growing number of devices in their lives and frequently, turning to over-the-top (OTT) services from like Skype or Snapchat, Rogers decided to bank on its own innovation, its own assets, and provide them with an innovative service of their own – Rogers One Number.

The plan? To integrate their services across mobile smartphones, desktops and tablets, using the consumer’s existing mobile phone number and advanced unified communications clients across devices.

Having validated the demand for an OTT softphone, experiencing strong adoption and demand from their customer base, Rogers then commissioned CounterPath to develop iOS and Android apps that would seamlessly extend Rogers One Number to smartphones and tablets.

While each device type has its own interface, CounterPath’s Bria ensured Rogers One Number users have a consistent and intuitive look, feel, brand and functionality regardless of device – offering just one compelling user experience.

Integrated services like instant messaging, email and contact lists provided one experience across all devices, literally. The Rogers solution integrates super-sophisticated synching and hand-off services, so users smoothly move calls between devices with no interruption.

By launching the iPhone, iPad, and Android Rogers One Number applications via the iTunes and Google Play app stores as free downloads, Rogers One Number instantly offered a free differentiating feature set that add value for subscribers and set it apart from the competition.

And it’s paid off. Canadian iTunes and Google Play stores ranked Rogers One Number among the top 30 most-downloaded apps, with over 140,000 downloads per month. Customers are staying within Rogers’ product offerings more often and not migrating to competitors’ OTT services. In addition, incremental revenue for international calls or SMS have been recaptured via the Rogers One Number plan.

Providing a complete unified communications service across multiple devices, Rogers is proving that the best way for operators to combat the threat from competing OTT services and remain relevant to their consumer base is to innovate themselves.

There’s a heap more innovative features and cost-saving, convenience and accessibility benefits for users at Rogers One Number  - far too many to list in this short blog anyway - so we invite you to:


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