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4 Tips to Manage Remote Workers

By Team CounterPath

Remote working has become the norm todayThe number of workers who telecommute continues to grow. As technology evolves, companies are realizing that geographical location is no longer an inhibitor when it comes to recruiting the best talent for a particular position.

Offering the ability to work from home is a great selling point to lure new talent to a company. It also produces great benefits like financial savings in travelling costs and overall improved productivity and employee satisfaction.

Based on our experiences, we want to share our top four tips to help you ensure the success of teams that seamlessly combine both on-site and remote workers.

1. Nurture company culture

As with any aspect of any business, company culture will have a direct impact on the successful integration and implementation of telecommuters. It is not only about establishing a remote workforce. Management must ensure that a foundation is built that will allow telecommuters to thrive.

For example, when setting up rewards and perks, it is important that such rewards are inclusive and are equally enticing and valuable for all employees, including those who work remotely.

2. Management must set the example

From time to time, managers should work remotely to show the organization that it is a good method of working and encourage them to follow suit.Managers can set a good remote working example

There are many tools and platforms in the marketplace that promise to help make business processes, communication and collaboration better. Choosing the right tools is absolutely crucial to ensuring the success of remote workers.

3. Choose the right UC solution

The best communication tool is one that can integrate the main features needed for seamless remote collaboration such as voice and video calling, instant messaging and screen sharing. Make sure to do thorough research and compare products in order to find the tool that is right for your company.

Bria Teams offers crystal clear HD video and audio conferencing, rich host capabilities, robust chat, screen sharing and more. 

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4. Be specific

Working remotely is not easy for everyone. It requires a specific set of skills and a change in routine in order to be productive while working away from the office. This is why it is important to have a clear set of rules and expectations for remote workers. It is equally important to make sure that they are held accountable to these guidelines.

Constant analysis is a must when it comes to remote working

All business processes need to be implemented, tested, analyzed and improved. The same goes for remote workers. Constant analysis must be made in order to make the appropriate changes that will ensure that all business processes are being optimized. Listen to feedback from your remote workforce and make sure to take it into consideration.

This will ensure that any productivity gaps are closed and that everyone is working to full capacity.

Managing a remote workforce requires a different set of management skills, but when done correctly it can present new opportunities that benefit both the organization and its employees.

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